The Silent Defenders

In memory of those in the Mine Warfare Community that have passed away during battle or of natural causes.


Day is done.
Gone the sun.
From the lakes
From the hills.
From the sky.
All is well.
Safely rest.
God is nigh.

Fading light.
Dims the sight.
And a star.
Gems the sky.
Gleaming bright.
From afar.
Drawing nigh.
Falls the night.

Thanks and praise.
For our days.
Neath the sun
Neath the stars.
Neath the sky
As we go.
This we know.
God is nigh.

Old Sailors

Old sailors sit And chew the fat About things that used to be,
Of the things they've seen The places they've been,
When they ventured out to sea.

They remembered friends From long ago,
The times they had back then, The money they spent,
The beer they drank, In their days as sailing men.

Their lives are lived In the days gone by With the thoughts that forever last.
Of the bell bottom blues, Winged white hats, And good times in their past.

They recall long nights With the moon so bright Far out into the lonely sea.
The thoughts they had As youthful lads, When their lives
were wild and free.

They know so well How their hearts would swell When old glory fluttered proud and free.
The underway pennant Such a beautiful sight As they plowed through an angry sea.

They talked of the chow Ol' cookie would make And the shrill of the bos'n pipe.
How salt spray would fall Like sparks from hell When a storm struck in the night.

They remember old shipmates Already gone Who forever hold a spot in their heart,
When sailors were bold, And friendships would hold, Until death ripped them apart.

They speak of nights Spent in bawdy houses On many foreign shore,
Of the beer they'd down As gathering around,
Telling jokes with a busty whore.

Their sailing days Are gone away, Never again will they cross the brow.
They have no regrets, They know they are blessed,
For honoring the sacred vow.

Their numbers grow less With each passing day
As the final muster begins, There's nothing to lose, All have paid their dues,
And they'll sail with shipmates again.

I've heard them say Before getting underway That there's still some sailing to do,
They'll say with a grin that their ship has come in,
And the Lord is commanding the crew.

Author Unknown

These Minecraft sailors served their Country, their Ship, their Crew, their God.
These are The Silent Defenders.
Please contact Joe Marturano 3rd if you have someone to add to the list.
Submissions may take up to 2 weeks to appear on this list.

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"Shipmate... the watch stands relieved
Relieved by those You have trained ,Guided, and Led
We have the watch..."

Howard Alexander Jones            USS Avenger MCM-1
Robert Sherwood Rawls CO          USS Avenger MCM-1
Richard J. Hicks                  USS Agile MSO-421
Charles W. Kasmire                USS Agile MSO-421
Thomas (Tom) Scheel               USS Agile MSO-421
James A. Becker                   USS Aggressive MSO-422
Joseph Benjamin Reamer            USS Aggressive MSO-422
Frank Sukow                       USS Aggressive MSO-422
Geroge Ron Bassham                USS Avenge MSO-423
Walter L. Goswick                 USS Avenge MSO-423
James Preston White               USS Avenge MSO-423
Geroge Ron Bassham                USS Bold MSO-424
Aubrey (DOC) Conaway              USS Bold MSO-424
Michael DeBit                     USS Bold MSO-424
John Bates                        USS Bold MSO-424
Herbert Cole                      USS Bulwark MSO-425
Bo Collins CO			  USS Bulwark MSO-425
Robert L. McBride                 USS Bulwark MSO-425
William "Big Al" Naldrett         USS Bulwark MSO-425
Harold C. (Smitty) Smith          USS Bulwark MSO-425
John D. Stanard CO                USS Bulwark MSO-425
Fred Ahders                       USS Conflict MSO-426
Lloyd L. Arnold                   USS Conflict MSO-426
Joe Binet                         USS Conflict MSO-426
A. U. Hassman, JR.                USS Conflict MSO-426
Jeruel G. Hewitt                  USS Conflict MSO-426
James J. Kulesz Jr.               USS Conflict MSO-426
Joseph F. McCorry                 USS Conflict MSO-426
Allen Mangold Nash                USS Conflict MSO-426
Ennis C. Raynor                   USS Conflict MSO-426
Beryl Root                        USS Conflict MSO-426
Richard S. *Rick* Szpyrka         USS Conflict MSO-426   Original NMSOA Co-Founder/Past President/Webmaster
Alvin Neal Townsend               USS Conflict MSO-426
W.B. Barnes                       USS Constant MSO-427
Jeruel G. Hewitt                  USS Constant MSO-427
Delvin Twombly                    USS Constant MSO-427
Jeider Jackson Warren             USS Constant MSO-427
Harold A. Goldsberry, Jr          USS Dash MSO-428
Scott "Baby Cakes" Bernier        USS Detector MSO-429
Martin Robert Bos                 USS Detector MSO-429
Ruben Cumba                       USS Detector MSO-429
Nick Finelli                      USS Detector MSO-429
Don T. Flynn                      USS Detector MSO-429
Leonard Ray Ford                  USS Detector MSO-429
Paul D. Frazee                    USS Detector MSO-429
Charles Stephen Jones             USS Detector MSO-429
John King                         USS Detector MSO-429
Gerald "Jerry" M. Lamb            USS Detector MSO-429
Gary L. Larsen	                  USS Detector MSO-429
Albert "Al" Mathis                USS Detector MSO-429
Dennis I. Parsons CO              USS Detector MSO-429
Addison "Smitty" Smith            USS Detector MSO-429
Gary A Applewhite                 USS Direct MSO-430
Gene Stroing                      USS Direct MSO-430
Thomas "Tom" Gentry               USS Dominant MSO-431
James Graney                      USS Dominant MSO-431
James A. Baker                    USS Dynamic MSO-432
Charles Farnik                    USS Dynamic MSO-432
Harold Foster                     USS Dynamic MSO-432
Joe F. Garcia                     USS Dynamic MSO-432
George Gaylord	                  USS Dynamic MSO-432
Douglas P. Gramp                  USS Dynamic MSO-432   NMSOA Chaplain
Richard "Dick" Hasher             USS Dynamic MSO-432
Robert Hernandez                  USS Dynamic MSO-432
Raymond Howe                      USS Dynamic MSO-432
Jimmie D. Hyde                    USS Dynamic MSO-432
Jack Peeples                      USS Dynamic MSO-432
Joe Lee                           USS Dynamic MSO-432
William J. Pritchard              USS Dynamic MSO-432
Frank L. Roper                    USS Dynamic MSO-432
Fred Staff                        USS Dynamic MSO-432
Leslie A. Williams                USS Dynamic MSO-432
Dan Carroll                       USS Engage MSO-433
Stanley G. Grasman                USS Engage MSO-433
Scott Smith McCulloch             USS Engage MSO-433
Joseph "Joe" Chemento             USS Embattle MSO-434
Steve Gillum                      USS Endurance MSO-435
Mark R. Hill Jr.                  USS Endurance MSO-435
Tom Sloan                         USS Endurance MSO-435
Michael Wark                      USS Endurance MSO-435
Richard L. Bush                   USS Energy MSO-436
Robert Hernandez                  USS Energy MSO-436
Jeff J. Hiles                     USS Energy MSO-436
Russell Knowles Jr.               USS Energy MSO-436
John Lunsford                     USS Energy MSO-436
Ronald W. Perkins                 USS Energy MSO-436
Frank H. Sonntag                  USS Energy MSO-436
Kirby Spangler                    USS Energy MSO-436
Stephen Verbeck                   USS Energy MSO-436
Carl F. Cronemiller               USS Enhance MSO-437
Daniel Forbus                     USS Enhance MSO-437
Paul L. Gruendl                   USS Enhance MSO-437
Richard L. Kenner                 USS Enhance MSO-437
Allen Charles May                 USS Enhance MSO-437
Peter G. Oswald                   USS Enhance MSO-437
Ken Baroni                        USS Esteem MSO-438
Franklin Winton Bryant            USS Esteem MSO-438
Lawrence K."Larry" Fugh           USS Esteem MSO-438
Eike Hoenadle                     USS Esteem MSO-438
Les Horne CDR/CO                  USS Esteem MSO-438
Louis Robert Rainey               USS Esteem MSO-438
David Ruth		          USS Esteem MSO-438
Ray Agee                          USS Excel MSO-439
Curtis Odean Anderson CO          USS Excel MSO-439
Ray C. Owen		          USS Excel MSO-439
Jule Ardis                        USS Excel MSO-439
Roland Conoley                    USS Excel MSO-439
Gerald Francis Deconto            USS Excel MSO-439
John W. Drake                     USS Excel MSO-439
Ralph "Bud" Steffen Jr.           USS Excel MSO-439
George Ron Basshman               USS Exploit MSO-440
Al Boley                          USS Exploit MSO-440
Andrew Brady                      USS Exploit MSO-440
Jerry J. Buckner                  USS Exploit MSO-440
Robert Elter                      USS Exploit MSO-440
Elmer Gilliam                     USS Exploit MSO-440
J.W. (Bill) Haney                 USS Exploit MSO-440
Dale Hastings                     USS Exploit MSO-440
Thomas Holt                       USS Exploit MSO-440
Matt Koles Sr                     USS Exploit MSO-440
Fred Marshall                     USS Exploit MSO-440
Ricky L. McPherson		  USS Exploit MSO-440
Julian Meisner                    USS Exploit MSO-440
Trevor Mordecai                   USS Exploit MSO-440
Robert Paltz                      USS Exploit MSO-440
Kenneth Plyler                    USS Exploit MSO-440
Paul Roberts                      USS Exploit MSO-440
Raymond Shehan                    USS Exploit MSO-440
Calvin Shriner                    USS Exploit MSO-440
Wallace Smallwood                 USS Exploit MSO-440
Charles Spegal                    USS Exploit MSO-440
E. (Pappy) Spruill                USS Exploit MSO-440
Don Swarm                         USS Exploit MSO-440
Chief Terry                       USS Exploit MSO-440
Richard Thornton                  USS Exploit MSO-440
Edward (Eddie) Watkins            USS Exploit MSO-440
Donald (Don) Wooten               USS Exploit MSO-440
Robert Armsrtong                  USS Exultant MSO-441
James M. Arnold                   USS Exultant MSO-441
Thomas S. Baker                   USS Exultant MSO-441
Jackie W. Byrd                    USS Exultant MSO-441
David J. Gaignard                 USS Exultant MSO-441
William C. Glenn                  USS Exultant MSO-441
Richard F. Jodice                 USS Exultant MSO-441
Dan Lind                          USS Exultant MSO-441
Michael J. Nemeth                 USS Exultant MSO-441
Robert C. (Butch) Shilt           USS Exultant MSO-441
Harold C. (Smitty) Smith          USS Exultant MSO-441
Don White                         USS Exultant MSO-441
Robert Armsrtong                  USS Fearless MSO-442
Frederick F. Jewett II            USS Fearless MSO-442
Thomas L. Adams		          USS Fidelity MSO-443
Stephen C. Belechak               USS Fidelity MSO-443
Robert Cline Sr.                  USS Fidelity MSO-443
Robert DeGlopper                  USS Fidelity MSO-443
James Clark Dunne                 USS Fidelity MSO-443
Herman Harris                     USS Fidelity MSO-443
R.W. Astin                        USS Firm MSO-444
George W. Jacobs                  USS Firm MSO-444
Dennis Lynn Branham               USS Force MSO-445
E.L. (Mac) Magruder               USS Force MSO-445
Carlos (Carl) J. Pohl             USS Force MSO-445
Paul A. Ulishney                  USS Force MSO-445
Abdiel Yingling                   USS Force MSO-455
Howard Bannister                  USS Fortify MSO-446
Lawrence Beamer Sr.               USS Fortify MSO-446
Richard L. Bush                   USS Fortify MSO-446
Lawrence K."Larry" Fugh           USS Fortify MSO-446
Bob Griswold                      USS Fortify MSO-446
Frank Acuna                       USS Guide MSO-447
John Baker                        USS Guide MSO-447
Russell L. Barkey Jr.             USS Guide MSO-447
Vincent Barone Jr.                USS Guide MSO-447
Gary R. Bryant                    USS Guide MSO-447
C. E. Burns                       USS Guide MSO-447
Gary Carney                       USS Guide MSO-447
Belmont Cousins                   USS Guide MSO-447
Howard J. Crothirds               USS Guide MSO-447
Wesley Cumpston                   USS Guide MSO-447
Larry Duquette                    USS Guide MSO-447
Larry Epperson                    USS Guide MSO-447
Ronald Evensen                    USS Guide MSO-447
Ralph M. Fetters                  USS Guide MSO-447
Harold Foster                     USS Guide MSO-447
Robert Greene                     USS Guide MSO-447
Max Grulke                        USS Guide MSO-447
George L. Hart                    USS Guide MSO-447
Jeruel G. Hewitt                  USS Guide MSO-447
Daniel Howell                     USS Guide MSO-447
Charles W. King                   USS Guide MSO-447
Stanley V. Kistner                USS Guide MSO-447
Fred Kofmehl                      USS Guide MSO-447
Larry W. Kohlwey                  USS Guide MSO-447
John M. Kupec                     USS Guide MSO-447
Wendell Lindsey                   USS Guide MSO-447
John R. Mentzer                   USS Guide MSO-447
Delmar "Del" Messer               USS Guide MSO-447
Edmund B. Miller                  USS Guide MSO-447 
Norbert Moriarty                  USS Guide MSO-447
Rane McGowan                      USS Guide MSO-447
John K. Newland                   USS Guide MSO-447
Thomas J. O'Neill                 USS Guide MSO-447
Gary Riddle                       USS Guide MSO-447
Frank L. Roper                    USS Guide MSO-447
Lawrence Sands                    USS Guide MSO-447
Norman Sharp                      USS Guide MSO-447
Alvin Skramstad                   USS Guide MSO-447
Russell Tharrington               USS Guide MSO-447
Jimmie R. VanTeighem              USS Guide MSO-447
Jack Varney  CO                   USS Guide MSO-447
John D. Vickers                   USS Guide MSO-447
Billy Washington                  USS Guide MSO-447
Stanley Washington                USS Guide MSO-447
Joseph B. Zane                    USS Guide MSO-447
Gene Haviland                     USS Illusive MSO-448
Timothy Frank Killian             USS Illusive MSO-448
Daryl Richey		          USS Illusive MSO-448
William Garrison                  USS Illusive MSO-448
Jerold Schwab                     USS Illusive MSO-448
Donald McArthur Young             USS Illusive MSO-448
David Bodette                     USS Impervious MSO-449
Jeff Jones                        USS Impervious MSO-449
Lionel D. Kelley                  USS Impervious MSO-449
James R. McKendree                USS Impervious MSO-449
George Moravcik                   USS Impervious MSO-449
Phillip G. Morrison               USS Impervious MSO-449
Walter Pritchett                  USS Impervious MSO-449
Robert F. Witt                    USS Impervious MSO-449
Robert Bob Flaherty               USS Implicit MSO-455
John Gray                         USS Implicit MSO-455
Don McDowell                      USS Implicit MSO-455
Robert E. Melbe                   USS Implicit MSO-455
Larry Oiler                       USS Implicit MSO-455
John J. Seery                     USS Implicit MSO-455
Jerome "Woody" Woodward           USS Implicit MSO-455
Glynn R. Becker                   USS Inflict MSO-456
Willie B. Bracken                 USS Inflict MSO-456
Elwood E. Dean                    USS Inflict MSO-456
Lewis E. Denny                    USS Inflict MSO-456
James "Jimmy" Dudash              USS Inflict MSO-456
Fouch                             USS Inflict MSO-456
Lawrence K. "Larry" Fugh          USS Inflict MSO-456  NMSOA Reunion Director
Cal Mayer                         USS Inflict MSO-456
Percy J. Murray                   USS Inflict MSO-456
George T. Ragon CO                USS Inflict MSO-456
Robert Wells Roan                 USS Inflict MSO-456
Hillary M. Robinette              USS Inflict MSO-456
Dustan "Dusty" Roop               USS Inflict MSO-456
William A. Roszell                USS Inflict MSO-456
Ralph "Bud" Steffen Jr.           USS Inflict MSO-456
Alfred Wolfskill                  USS Inflict MSO-456
Dennis Lynn Branham               USS Loyalty MSO-457
John L. Faulch 	                  USS Loyalty MSO-457
Robert J. (Bob) Gladwin           USS Loyalty MSO-457    Past NMSOA Secretary/Parlimentarian
Wayne Munro Sr.                   USS Loyalty MSO-457
Bruce Hyrum Nielsen               USS Loyalty MSO-457
Robert W. Ray                     USS Loyalty MSO-457
Barry G. Watt                     USS Loyalty MSO-457   NMSOA  Ships Store Director
Tom Whiterow                      USS Loyalty MSO-457
Ralph Backstrom                   USS Lucid MSO-458
Ron Mouser                        USS Lucid MSO-458
Theodore Smith                    USS Lucid MSO-458
Jerry M. Bailey                   USS Nimble MSO-459
Fred Nutter                       USS Nimble MSO-459
Ralph A. Petersen                 USS Nimble MSO-459
Carrol Alexander                  USS Observer MSO-461
Paul Henry Barkley                USS Observer MSO-461
Robert Bob Beveridge              USS Observer MSO-461
Edward C. Cestaro                 USS Observer MSO-461
Charlie (Tiny) Foster             USS Observer MSO-461
Garland Jones                     USS Observer MSO-461
Dwight Kolodgy                    USS Observer MSO-461
john L. Mhoon CO                  USS Observer MSO-461
Patrick H. Miehe                  USS Observer MSO-461
Ronie Mooney                      USS Observer MSO-461
James Nichols                     USS Observer MSO-461
Donald Ruskin                     USS Observer MSO-461
Ed Ruskin                         USS Observer MSO-461
Richard Thornton                  USS Observer MSO-461
Charlie Wise                      USS Observer MSO-461
Richard Glen Andrews              USS Pinnacle MSO-462
Jerry Crabtree                    USS Pinnacle MSO-462
Dudley Overton CO                 USS Pinnacle MSO-462
Lynn Banks                        USS Pivot MSO-463
Ray Gillam                        USS Pivot MSO-463
Jeruel G.Hewitt                   USS Pivot MSO-463
Jerry Eugene Tallent              USS Pivot MSO-463
Kelly F. Binkerd                  USS Pluck MSO-464
Taylor C. (Buck) Buckingham       USS Pluck MSO-464
Robert L. Gonding XO              USS Pluck MSO-464
Ronald L. Gonzalez                USS Pluck MSO-464
Dickie Lee                        USS Pluck MSO-464
Joseph F. Turpel                  USS Pluck MSO-464
Clifford Lewis Frink Sr. CO       USS Prestige MSO-465
Carl "Jack" Pruitt                USS Prestige MSO-465
Jerry Eugene Tallent              USS Presitge MSO-465
Dexter T. Caley                   USS Prime MSO-466
John R. Crowley	                  USS Prime MSO-466
George T. Hickey                  USS Prime MSO-466
Richard R. Hilliard               USS Prime MSO-466
G.T. Hull CO                      USS Prime MSO-466
Lawrence Justus                   USS Prime MSO-466
David Kyser                       USS Prime MSO-466
Thomas I. Loken                   USS Prime MSO-466
Dean Martin			  USS Prime MSO-466
Robert "Bob" Mountain             USS Prime MSO-466
Fred OHL                          USS Prime MSO-466
Stanley J. Pryzby                 USS Prime MSO-466
Robert Robinson                   USS Prime MSO-466
Robert "Bobbie" Scott             USS Prime MSO-466
Ross Strickland                   USS Prime MSO-466
Frank Heffernan                   USS Reaper MSO-467
Robert C.Kahler CO                USS Reaper MSO-467
Lester Riley Jr.                  USS Reaper MSO-467
Bob Woolnough                     USS Reaper MSO-467
Dom Branchetti                    USS Rival MSO-468
Charles Evans                     USS Rival MSO-468
Floyd Gaskins                     USS Rival MSO-468
W. B. Hoffsetter                  USS Rival MSO-468
Joe Lee  CO                       USS Rival MSO-468
Hubert "Matt" Mathews             USS Rival MSO-468   NMSOA Master At Arms
Gordon Souva                      USS Rival MSO-468
E. D. Thompson                    USS Rival MSO-468
Larry Henzler                     USS Sagacity MSO-469
Jack L. Karson                    USS Sagacity MSO-469
Paul A. Ulishney                  USS Sagacity MSO-469
Eldred S. (OB) Bonham             USS Valor MSO-472
Drexell Brothers                  USS Valor MSO-472
Charles Russell Davis             USS Valor MSO-472
Tom Nugent                        USS Valor MSO-472
Harry R. Wood                     USS Valor MSO-472
Bill Blough                       USS Vigor MSO-473
Robert Dean Endsley               USS Vigor MSO-473
Warren M Fowler                   USS Vigor MSO-473
Gerald Hollingsworth              USS Vigor MSO-473
Mack Holloway                     USS Vigor MSO-473
Kenneth M. Hughey                 USS Vigor MSO-473
Jim Leach                         USS Vigor MSO-473
Robert McLeod                     USS Vigor MSO-473
Robert (Bob) Mentor               USS Vigor MSO-473
Don Mullis                        USS Vigor MSO-473
Robert (Bob) Obrien               USS Vigor MSO-473
Jack Orr                          USS Vigor MSO-473
Louis A. Richardson               USS Vigor MSO-473
Cecil Rotan                       USS Vigor MSO-473
Ivey Thompson                     USS Vigor MSO-473
Walter L. Goswick                 USS Vital MSO-474
Irvine Keith Heyward (CO)         USS Vital MSO-474
Donald H. Porter (CO)             USS Vital MSO-474
Hap Vecchione                     USS Vital MSO-474
William Henry Kersting CO         USS Conquest MSO-488
John Charles Landry               USS Conquest MSO-488
Thomas E. Lawson                  USS Conquest MSO-488
Abdiel Yingling                   USS Conquest MSO-488
Robert Armsrtong                  USS Leader MSO-490
Mark Bradley                      USS Leader MSO-490
Joe Lee CO                        USS Leader MSO-490
Donald Fleming Milligan           USS Leader MSO-490
Robert Bob Flaherty               USS Persistent MSO-491
Carl Dean Hatley Jr.              USS Persistent MSO-491
Edward David Sheafer Jr. CO       USS Persistent MSO-491
Gayland "Dean" Taylor             USS Persistent MSO 491
Dwight Kolodgy                    USS Stalwart MSO-493
Gerald "Jerry" M. Lamb            USS Stalwart MSO-493
Gene Snyder                       USS Stalwart MSO-493
Douglas J. Bonn                   USS Sturdy MSO-494
Richard Anson Wilkins		  USS Sturdy MSO-494 
Robert L. Willett (LT)            USS Swerve MSO-495
RL Adams                          USS Venture MSO-496
James H. Agles                    USS Venture MSO-496
John W. Branner II (Bill)         USS Venture MSO-496
Blaise N. Chrzastek               USS Venture MSO-496
Thomas "Tom" Colley               USS Venture MSO-496
Richard H. Gaunt                  USS Venture MSO-496
Richard Jackson                   USS Venture MSO-496
Robert C."Butch" Shilt            USS Venture MSO-496
Charles W. Kasmire                USS Agile MSO-421
W. W. Kesterson                   USS Venture MSO-496
Marshall Shouse                   USS Venture MSO-496
Harold C. (Smitty) Smith          USS Venture MSO-496
William Smith                     USS Venture MSO-496
Joseph Irvin Barnet               USS Acme MSO-508
Richard "LeRoy" Kenner            USS Acme MSO-508
Mike Kirkup                       USS Acme MSO-508
Larry (Doc) A. Lail               USS Acme MSO-508
Jerry A. Pettit                   USS Acme MSO-508
Jerry Coppage                     USS Adroit MSO-509
Wallace J. Hogue                  USS Adroit MSO-509
Larry Howe                        USS Adroit MSO-509
Ralph Hurt                        USS Adroit MSO-509
Felix O. Octaviano                USS Adroit MSO-509
Dennis M. Burkeen                 USS Advance MSO-510
Richard "Leroy" Kenner            USS Advance MSO-510
Edward D.(Buck) Carter            USS Ability MSO-529
William L. Hough                  USS Ability MSO-519
Earl (Robbie) Robison             USS Alacrity MSO-520
Kenneth J. Evans                  USS Assurance MSO-521
Leon Porter                       USS Assurance MSO-521
Ronnie Joe Palm Jr.               USS Inchon MCS-12
Jeremy Michael (Mike) Boorda      USS Parrot MSC-197
Howard Bannister                  USS Phoebe MSC-199
James Bobier                      USS Phoebe MSC-199
Nolan R. Burke                    USS Phoebe MSC-199
Terry Dreschler                   USS Phoebe MSC-199
Robert Duensing                   USS Phoebe MSC-199
Harold Foster                     USS Phoebe MSC-199
Raymond Johnson                   USS Phoebe MSC-199
Johnney L. Kinkade                USS Phoebe MSC-199
Billy Wayne Massey                USS Phoebe MSC-199
Gerald Nicholson                  USS Phoebe MSC-199
Boyd Trapp                        USS Phoebe MSC-199
Edmund PA Wilson                  USS Phoebe MSC-199
Dale Abbott                       USS Warbler MSC-206
Dexter T. Bordwell                USS Warbler MSC-206
Jackson Dempsey                   USS Warbler MSC-206
James S. Elfelt                   USS Warbler MSC-206
Harold Foster                     USS Warbler MSC-206
Leo Fuhrer		          USS Warbler MSC-206
Lawrence Justus                   USS Warbler MSC-206
David Keeter                      USS Warbler MSC-206
James Kemp                        USS Warbler MSC-206
Gerald D. Leonard		  USS Warbler MSC-206
Samuel Little                     USS Warbler MSC-206
James R. Mason                    USS Warbler MSC-206
Scott Smith McCulloch             USS Warbler MSC-206
Terrance Miller                   USS Warbler MSC-206
James W. Spieker                  USS Warbler MSC-206
Freddie L. Tapper                 USS Warbler MSC-206
Frank Reed Horton                 USS Whippoorwill MSC-207
Richard"Leroy"Kenner              USS Widgeon MSC-208
Joe Lee                           USS Widgeon MSC-208
Richard"Leroy"Kenner              USS Gladiator MSF-319
Richard"Leroy"Kenner              USS Cape MSI-2
Jack Pugh                         USS Cape MSI-2
Larry D. Allen                    Mine Squadron 11
Terry L. Braden                   Mine Squadron 11 MSB-16
Franklin H. Canup Jr.             Mine Squadron 11 MSB-14
Jerome A. Hagen                   Mine Squadron 11 MSB-14
David L. Hall                     Mine Squadron 11 MSB-54
Ronald A. Heintz                  Mine Squadron 11 MSB-15
Robert D. Moore                   Mine Squadron 11 MSB-14
Thomas M. Moore                   Mine Squadron 11 MSB-54
Gary C. Paddock                   Mine Squadron 11 MSB-45
Donald G. Peddicord               Mine Squadron 11 MSB-16
Rodney H. Rickli                  Mine Squadron 11 MSB-49
Eugene Underwood                  Mine Squadron 11
George R. Weaver Jr.              Mine Squadron 11 MSB-54
Thomas E. Copp                    Mine Squadron 113 MSR-3
Charles P. Geisert                Mine Squadron 113 MSR-17
David P. Hoffman                  Mine Squadron 113
Ralph C. Munsey                   Mine Squadron 113 MSM-17
Monroe Udell Baldridge            USS Unknown AM Command Korean War
Julio 'Jay' Ereneta               USS Finch AM-9
Julio 'Jay' Ereneta               USS Eider AM-17
Richard E. Smith                  USS Scrimmage AM-29
Fred Malone Calvert               USS Tern AM-31
John Herwer                       USS Tern AM-31
Howard Fisher                     USS Wheatear AM-39
Daniel Androchek                  USS Raven AM-55
Roland J. Gauthier                USS Raven AM-55
Raymond J. Helm                   USS Raven AM-55
Keith Hood                        USS Raven AM-55
Albert Hunger                     USS Raven AM-55
Charles E. Noel Sr.               USS Raven AM-55
Robert P. Noone                   USS Raven AM-55
Donald O. Smith                   USS Raven AM-55
W. E. Snow                        USS Raven AM-55
Irwin H. Zwillenberg              USS Raven AM-55
Wilbur Tennison Chamness          USS Nuthatch AM-60
Walter E. Rogers                  USS Nuthatch AM-60
John "Jack" L. Thompson           USS Nuthatch AM-60
Stanley Joseph Warren             USS Nuthatch AM-60
Howard Watt                       USS Nuthatch AM-60
Robert J. Blakeslee               USS Pheasant AM-61
John Chokey                       USS Pheasant AM-61
Gerald J. Dilworth                USS Pheasant AM-61
Donald Fraser                     USS Pheasant AM-61
Raymond Machin                    USS Pheasant AM-61
George McIntyre                   USS Pheasant AM-61
Herman Ross                       USS Pheasant AM-61
Boyd Simmons                      USS Pheasant AM-61
Wilber Thomas                     USS Pheasant AM-61
Charles Cecil Willard             USS Pheasant AM-61
Nicholas Ardita                   USS Fidelity AM-96
Daniel Pritchard                  USS Fidelity AM-96
George T. Webb                    USS Fidelity AM-96
James R. Bain                     USS Herald AM-101
William Mayotte                   USS Herald AM-101
Vincent Hollister                 USS Motive AM-102
James L. Dotson                   USS Oracle AM-103
Allen E. Earle                    USS Oracle AM-103
Lewis f. DuVal                    USS Oracle AM-103
Edwin Haines                      USS Oracle AM-103
George "Bud" Haines               USS Oracle AM-103
William Keane                     USS Oracle AM-103
John Kisinger                     USS Oracle AM-103
Vern McIntyre                     USS Oracle AM-103
William L. Petersen               USS Pilot AM-104
William Allison                   USS Pioneer AM-105
Robert A.(Buddy) Braun            USS Pioneer AM-105
Aaron A. Brumbach                 USS Pioneer AM-105
Ralph Cundiff                     USS Pioneer AM-105
Wayne Dana                        USS Pioneer AM-105
Jack Davis                        USS Pioneer AM-105
Herbert Dawes                     USS Pioneer AM-105
Louis J. Difolco                  USS Pioneer AM-105
Louis Drogo                       USS Pioneer AM-105
Edward W. Frolich                 USS Pioneer AM-105
Lewis U. Hall                     USS Pioneer AM-105
Michael Hanley                    USS Pioneer AM-105
Rogers Leroy                      USS Pioneer AM-105
David W. Lewis                    USS Pioneer AM-105
Daniel Penoske                    USS Pioneer AM-105
Simon J. "Buddy" Veneau           USS Pioneer AM-105
Richard M. Wilson                 USS Pioneer AM-105
Arnold Caldwell                   USS Portent AM-106
Vincent Cammarata                 USS Portent AM-106
Orvis Otto Haskell                USS Portent AM-106
Earl John Hutter                  USS Portent AM-106
Alex Moryan                       USS Portent AM-106
Carl Eric Nordman                 USS Portent AM-106
Frederick T. Smith                USS Portent AM-106
Nicholas L. Wood                  USS Portent AM-106
William Henry Young Sr.           USS Portent AM-106
John E. Bartleson Jr.             USS Prevail AM-107
Robert Funk                       USS Prevail AM-107
Arthur Furtado                    USS Prevail AM-107
Alverne A. Jones                  USS Prevail AM-107
Robert W. Merrell                 USS Prevail AM-107
Edward W. Milligan                USS Prevail AM-107
George M. Point                   USS Prevail AM-107
Clayton Taylor                    USS Prevail AM-107
Charles Bernard Terhorst          USS Prevail AM-107
Loyd E. Ashcraft                  USS Requisite AM-109
James P. Benton                   USS Requisite AM-109
James J. Billings                 USS Requisite AM-109
Jack Blankenship                  USS Requisite AM-109
Aldis J. Browne                   USS Requisite AM-109
Michael J. Costanso               USS Requisite AM-109
Leo M. Dempsey                    USS Requisite AM-109
Kenneth L. Dill                   USS Requisite AM-109
Willard E. Elliott                USS Requisite AM-109
Alexander Fabozzi                 USS Requisite AM-109
Carmello J. Ficarelli             USS Requisite AM-109
Clifton L. Forehand               USS Requisite AM-109
Edward A. Gerth                   USS Requisite AM-109
Walter K. Hoffman                 USS Requisite AM-109
James C. Lambert                  USS Requisite AM-109
Edward P. Lano                    USS Requisite AM-109
Virgle Lightsey                   USS Requisite AM-109
Sherman Lowhorn                   USS Requisite AM-109
Frederick W. "Bill" Luce          USS Requisite AM-109
Reno Lytle                        USS Requisite AM-109
William K. McGlothen              USS Requisite AM-109
Floyd E. Bishop                   USS Requisite AM-109
John F. McKenzie                  USS Requisite AM-109
Jose Adonize Medina               USS Requisite AM-109
Harold C. Miller                  USS Requisite AM-109
James E. Moran                    USS Requisite AM-109
Chester J. Murray                 USS Requisite AM-109
Charles F. Pepple                 USS Requisite AM-109
Glen F. Pope                      USS Requisite AM-109
William A. Rickman                USS Requisite AM-109
Robert R. Ried                    USS Requisite AM-109
Myron I. Storer                   USS Requisite AM-109
Harry S. Strohl                   USS Requisite AM-109
James F. Sullivan                 USS Requisite AM-109
Carl Sutton                       USS Requisite AM-109
Fred Tewes                        USS Requisite AM-109
Alfred R. Tomaso                  USS Requisite AM-109
Ulys A. Tucker                    USS Requisite AM-109
Richard J. Tullis                 USS Requisite AM-109
Malon L. Waldron                  USS Requisite AM-109
Nelson W. Werling                 USS Requisite AM-109
Earl Deagle                       USS Revenge AM-110
Richard B. Lindner                USS Revenge AM-110
Richard B. Loomis                 USS Revenge AM-110
Leonard Hoyt McGuire              USS Revenge AM-110
Daniel D. Milano                  USS Revenge AM-110
John Strelka                      USS Revenge AM-110
Donald Barr                       USS Sage AM-111
Hinton A. Dempe                   USS Sage AM-111
Harry Dunbar                      USS Sage AM-111
Richard E. Elder                  USS Sage AM-111
Cleo Gillip                       USS Sage AM-111
P. S. Killingsworth               USS Sage AM-111
Ernest Mramor                     USS Sage AM-111
Michael J. O'Connell              USS Sage AM-111
Charles Polk                      USS Sage AM-111
James V. Spencer Jr.              USS Sage AM-111
Frank Zinn                        USS Sage AM-111
Joseph E. Williams		  USS Sage AM-111
Danny Bogush                      USS Seer AM-112
Ernest George Custard             USS Seer AM-112
Raymond ďTexĒ DeMoville           USS Seer AM-112
Robert J. Flohr                   USS Seer AM-112
Stephen Edward Golosh             USS Seer AM-112
Edgar L. Jones                    USS Seer AM-112
Robert J. Harthun                 USS Seer AM-112
Wilbert C. Kaintz                 USS Seer AM-112
Joseph R. Mayer                   USS Seer AM-112
Frank McDermand                   USS Seer AM-112
Frank C. P. McGlinn -CO           USS Seer AM-112
Charles E. Miller                 USS Seer AM-112
Kenneth Pigg                      USS Seer AM-112
Joseph E. Stubbs, Jr.             USS Seer AM-112
Sebastian M. Tarallo              USS Seer AM-112
Nunzio Joseph Del Ferro           USS Sentinel AM-113
Walter Martz                      USS Sentinel AM-113
Forrest Edward McCartney          USS Sentinel AM-113
Norman Theodore Oie Jr.           USS Sentinel AM-113
Joseph Sherman Pearl              USS Sentinel AM-113
Frank Pimental Sr.                USS Sentinel AM-113
Harrison Potoski                  USS Sentinel AM-113
Paul Mathies Quick                USS Sentinel AM-113
Orval Lee Simmons                 USS Sentinel AM-113
Lee Adelbert Weeks                USS Sentinel AM-113
Roy E. Jones                      USS Staff AM-114
Robert Barrett                    USS Skill AM-115
Kenneth Buck Sr.                  USS Skill AM-115
John Bellis                       USS Speed AM-116
Nunzy Bellofatto                  USS Speed AM-116
Francis Bert DeWitt               USS Speed AM-116
George M. Gatlin                  USS Speed AM-116
Edward Morton                     USS Speed AM-116
William R. Shea Jr.               USS Speed AM-116
Chester William Belzer            USS Strive AM-117
Leslie George Belzer              USS Strive AM-117
Luther D. Bryant                  USS Strive AM-117
Robert L. Ketchum                 USS Strive AM-117
Harry J. Kirlin                   USS Strive AM-117
Elliott Knowlton                  USS Strive AM-117
Walter Krushinsky                 USS Strive AM-117
F. G. "Jack" Mitchell             USS Strive AM-117
George E Nelson                   USS Strive AM-117
Cody R. Rust                      USS Strive AM-117
Donald E. Tharp                   USS Strive AM-117
Edward Anderson Zane Williams     USS Strive AM-117
Donald H. Clemans                 USS Steady AM-118
Harold S. Nelson                  USS Steady AM-118
Warren M. Pushee                 USS Steady AM-118
Eugene Richter                    USS Steady AM-118
Cody R. Rust                      USS Steady AM-118
Frank Tarala                      USS Steady AM-118
Phil Guarnacci                    USS Sustain AM-119
Richard Edward Grelewicz          USS Sway AM-120
Merrill McLellan                  USS Sway AM-120
Darrell L. Jackson                USS Swerve AM-121
Charles Sowden                    USS Swerve AM-121
Fred Samual Allen                 USS Swift AM-122
Jim H. Allen                      USS Swift AM-122
Peter A. Duggan                   USS Swift AM-122
Raymond Huffman                   USS Swift AM-122
David L. Thorley                  USS Swift AM-122
Glenn Crotts                      USS Threat AM-124
Edward Melanson                   USS Threat AM-124
Edward Moon                       USS Threat AM-124
Edmund Nicholson                  USS Threat AM-124
John Sweeney                      USS Threat AM-124
Dale Richard Bartz                USS Tide AM-125
Harold G. Blocher                 USS Tide AM-125
Jerimiah Harris                   USS Tide AM-125
Allard B. Heyward                 USS Tide AM-125
Charles Modeste                   USS Tide AM-125
Walter W. Smith                   USS Tide AM-125
Kenneth E. Sparacino              USS Tide AM-125
James Paul Vaughn                 USS Tide AM-125
J. R. Amburn                      USS Token AM-126
F. R. Bickell                     USS Token AM-126
Frank Bortree                     USS Token AM-126
John T. Bruechue Sr.              USS Token AM-126
Eldon Carnal                      USS Token AM-126
G. V. Clemens                     USS Token AM-126
I. A. Clevenger                   USS Token AM-126
Henry A. Compton Jr.              USS Token AM-126
Douglas Corse                     USS Token AM-126
R. J. Feusi                       USS Token AM-126
Harold Flatt                      USS Token AM-126
E. Graves                         USS Token AM-126
Joseph O. Helm Jr.                USS Token AM-126
Howard Henning                    USS Token AM-126
Bob Hertzog                       USS Token AM-126
Dale Hickman                      USS Token AM-126
R. H. Hiller                      USS Token AM-126
H. W. Hockmuth                    USS Token AM-126
William T. Hunt                   USS Token AM-126
Ernie Jackson                     USS Token AM-126
C. E. Johnson                     USS Token AM-126
Robert Paul (RP) Johnson          USS Token AM-126
E. H. Kahle                       USS Token AM-126
Elwood F. Keller                  USS Token AM-126
Charles Klein	                  USS Token AM-126
D. R. Kuehl                       USS Token AM-126
J. J. Mayeran                     USS Token AM-126
J. B. Miller                      USS Token AM-126
Frank L. Mitchell                 USS Token AM-126
J. C. Mitchel                     USS Token AM-126
John G. Montgomery                USS Token AM-126
Jack Posey                        USS Token AM-126
S. R. Shelton                     USS Token AM-126
C. E. Sinyard                     USS Token AM-126
L. A. Voohries                    USS Token AM-126
D. Waniger                        USS Token AM-126
Harold E. Wechorek                USS Token AM-126
T. J. Wurdack                     USS Token AM-126
Albert A. Zaffrann                USS Token AM-126
A. L. Zook                        USS Token AM-126
Luther Otis Hodge                 USS Tumult AM-127
Buford T.(Tommy) Jones            USS Tumult AM-127
Edward Montee Boyd                USS Velocity AM-128
George J. Buyse                   USS Velocity AM-128
Joseph C. Caldwell                USS Velocity AM-128
Harold L. Evens                   USS Velocity AM-128
C. A. Flowers                     USS Velocity AM-128
William (Billy) F. Johnson        USS Velocity AM-128
Thomas Andrew Kain                USS Velocity AM-128
James Konco                       USS Velocity AM-128
Luther C. McGrew                  USS Velocity AM-128
Harold "Bud" R. McKenzie          USS Velocity AM-128
Andy Hill                         USS Zeal AM-131
Thomas D. Hussey                  USS Zeal AM-131
Thomas Wheeler                    USS Zeal AM-131
Maurice E. Fitzgerald             USS Hawk AM-133
Willis Carvenough                 USS Bond AM-152
Hollis J. Ward                    USS Candid AM-154
Ralph Ward                        USS Candid AM-154
Juan Amaya	                  USS Captivate AM-156
Paul Elias Caplan                 USS Captivate AM-156
James S. Dynes                    USS Captivate AM-156
Paul Henry Morse                  USS Captivate AM-156
Jack Bastianse                    USS Caravan AM-157
Lynville Bocook                   USS Caravan AM-157
Eli I. Levinson                   USS Caravan AM-157
Cecil E. Walden                   USS Caravan AM-157
Junius W. Cardon                  USS Caution AM-158
Thomas Chamberlain                USS Caution AM-158
Joseph P. Crank                   USS Caution AM-158
John Elkins                       USS Caution AM-158
Mike Komis                        USS Caution AM-158
George W. Sticher                 USS Caution AM-158
Eugene Trester                    USS Change AM-159
Thomas Conerty                    USS Clamour AM-160
Webb Ellis                        USS Climax AM-161
James C. Kambich                  USS Climax AM-161
Joseph M Kaminski                 USS Climax AM-161
Joseph Witkin                     USS Compel AM-162
Julian Solecki                    USS Capable AM-165
Jack Warren Rudolph               USS Design AM-219
Arthur Jean                       USS Embattle AM-226
Wilbert C. Kaintz                 USS Embattle AM-226
William W. Magee                  USS Embattle AM-226
Landis Jackson Beaber             USS Execute AM-232
Louis Earl Calvery                USS Execute AM-232
Samuel "Frank" Dodd               USS Execute AM-232
James J. Drousias                 USS Execute AM-232
Roman P. Garcia                   USS Execute AM-232
Donald J. Haessly                 USS Execute AM-232
Delburt M. Smith                  USS Execute AM-232
Raymond Baumbach                  USS Gayety AM-239
John Robert Erazim                USS Gayety AM-239
Charles Harmon                    USS Gayety AM-239
David Kruse                       USS Gayety AM-239
Glen R. Lemmon                    USS Gayety AM-239
Rolland Mommer                    USS Gayety AM-239
Art Schatzeder                    USS Gayety AM-239
John E. Bloemer                   USS Hilarity AM-241
Lynn Logan Cannon                 USS Hilarity AM-241
Anthony Constante                 USS Hilarity AM-241
Bernard Vincent Fleming           USS Hilarity AM-241
Homer Ray Jackson                 USS Hilarity AM-241
William Minelli                   USS Hilarity AM-241
John H. Schmittroth               USS Hilarity AM-241
William GZ. Book                  USS Implicit AM-246
Lawrence Hess                     USS Implicit AM-246
George T. Arsenault               USS Improve AM-247
William Clifton Craycroft         USS Improve AM-247
Otis W. Clark                     USS Instill AM-252
Aubrey William Anderson           USS Lucid AM-259
Raymond M. Valle                  USS Lucid AM-259
Keith Brown                       USS Method AM-264
Clarence L. Coffman               USS Opponent AM-269
George E. Schaaf                  USS Opponent AM-269
Morris Samuel Lazaron Jr.         USS Penetrate AM-271
George E. Schaaf                  USS Peril AM-272
Deward Sloan                      USS Pirate AM-275
Sam Walter Wright Jr.             USS Pirate AM-275
John Pearson Hawkins               USS Pivot AM-276 
Jesse G. Butcher                  USS Pledge AM-277
Lewis M. Gardner Sr.              USS Pledge AM-277
Robert W. Turner                  USS Pledge AM-277
Alfred G. Addy                    USS Prime AM-279
Bert W. Cates                     USS Prime AM-279
Albert Dix                        USS Prime AM-279
Laurence Foux Jr.                 USS Prime AM-279
David C. Long                     USS Prime AM-279
Louis Forstner                    USS Quest AM-281
William Howard "Bill" Bourbon     USS Ransom AM -283
Lester Freeburn                   USS Ransom AM-283
Earl Wayne Rapp                   USS Ransom AM-283
Robert James Farrugia             USS Rebel AM-284
John P. Lucas                     USS Rebel AM-284
Davis F. Pounds                   USS Rebel AM-284
George R. Schultz                 USS Rebel AM-284
John Wallace                      USS Raven AM-290
Edward Frank Banach               USS Salute AM-294
William Thomas Brown              USS Salute AM-294
Kaley Ceville Crotwell            USS Salute AM-294
Gordon L. Crume                   USS Salute AM-294
David Crockett Lowrey Jr          USS Salute AM-294
Francis D. Moran                  USS Salute AM-294
Roy Mickel Ojala                  USS Salute AM-294
Ralph Clyde Shafer                USS Salute AM-294
Carl John Swanson                 USS Salute AM-294
Willard Glen Turley               USS Salute AM-294
Douglas Emanuel Van Dreese        USS Salute AM-294
James F. Peterman  XO             USS Scout AM-296
Boyd Finch                        USS Scrimmage AM-297
Robert Ginn                       USS Scrimmage AM-297
Robert Hopper                     USS Scrimmage AM-297
Walter Johnson                    USS Scrimmage AM-297
Richard Smith                     USS Scrimmage AM-297
Ernest Bolish                     USS Scuffle AM-298
D.D. Fowler (Dude)                USS Scuffle AM-298
George M. Kosch                   USS Scuffle AM-298
Cecil Thomason                    USS Scuffle AM-298
Clifford Martin                   USS Shelter AM-301
Edward M. Dougherty               USS Oracle AM-302
Roy C. Elmgren                    USS Skirmish AM-303
Jack W. Fredenburgh               USS Skirmish AM-303
Clifford Hallman                  USS Skirmish AM-303
Robert T. Sauer                   USS Skirmish AM-303
Hoyt Shotwell	                  USS Skirmish AM-303
James W. Bliss                    USS Spectacle AM-305
Robert J. Calder                  USS Spectacle AM-305
Kenneth Greenlaw		  USS Spectacle AM-305
Wilbert Hantelman                 USS Spectacle AM-305
Roy William Kaullen               USS Spectacle AM-305
Horace Patterson                  USS Spectacle AM-305
Earie E. Royal                    USS Spectacle AM-305
Ronald R. Willoughby              USS Spectacle AM-305
Eldon Earl Wood		          USS Spectacle AM-305
Charles Clement                   USS Spector AM-306
Jerry Oliver                      USS Spector AM-306
Vernon A. Brown CO                USS Strategy AM-308
Logan Dunford Haddock             USS Strategy AM-308
Earl G. Treder                    USS Strategy AM-308
Lloyd R. Himel                    USS Superior AM-311
Theron "Tooty" Arnold             USS Champion AM-324
Richard Berryman                  USS Champion AM-314
George Freeman                    USS Champion AM-314
John D. Love                      USS Champion AM-314
Gerald G. Martin                  USS Champion AM-314
Ray A. Mowicki                    USS Chief AM-315
Bill M. Sutherland                USS Chief AM-315
George Tankersley                 USS Chief AM-315
Russell M. Tharrington            USS Chief AM-315
Paul J. Weaver                    USS Chief AM-315
Ernest E. Atkinson                USS Competent AM-316
W. Norman Everett                 USS Competent AM-316
Clarence Roy "Pappy" Gallion      USS Competent AM-316
Ronald K. Lord                    USS Competent AM-316
Vernon Malott                     USS Competent AM-316
Virgil L. Malott                  USS Competent AM-316
Robert L. Masticola               USS Competent AM-316
Samuel P. Sandell                 USS Competent AM-316
Clarence J. Wagner                USS Competent AM-316
Wilbert F. Berry                  USS Defense AM-317
Edward Hamilton                   USS Defense AM-317
Joseph E. (Mike) Hamilton         USS Defense AM-317
Henry Hayest                      USS Defense AM-317
Werner Altman                     USS Devastator AM-318
Armand M. Montz Jr.               USS Impeccable AM-320
Edmund G. Valasek                 USS Impeccable AM-320
Richard Dean Leach                USS Dextrous AM-341
M. L. Butler                      USS Murrelet AM-372
Donald Edwards                    USS Murrelet AM-372
William Gillen                    USS Murrelet AM-372
Lawrence E. McLean                USS Murrelet AM-372
Hugh E. O'Neill                   USS Murrelet AM-372
P. "Jack" Nelson                  USS Ptarmigan AM-376
Paul Richter                      USS Ptarmigan AM-376
Robert E. Shneider                USS Ptarmigan AM-376
Roy T. Weaver                     USS Ptarmigan AM-376
Stan Wolowicz                     USS Ptarmigan AM-376
Frederick E. Bitting              USS Redstart AM-378
Newton A. Brubaker                USS Redstart AM-378
W. R. "Bob" Johnson Jr.           USS Redstart AM-378
Jesse W. Hinton                   USS Redstart AM-378
Donald E. Meister                 USS Redstart AM-378
Leon J. Spears                    USS Redstart AM-378
Ashford Stiff                     USS Redstart AM-378
Clarence E. Allen                 USS Ruddy AM-380
Eugene J. Arnold                  USS Ruddy AM-380
Adolph C. Castelin                USS Ruddy AM-380
Albert H. Coleman                 USS Ruddy AM-380
John M. Cucka                     USS Ruddy AM-380
Stephen W. Davy                   USS Ruddy AM-380
Arnold L. Dukes Jr.               USS Ruddy AM-380
James R. Gallagher                USS Ruddy AM-380
Caperon F. Gibbs Jr.              USS Ruddy AM-380
Tom B. Gorman                     USS Ruddy AM-380
Willie A. Hoffman                 USS Ruddy AM-380
Crowsen Icenhour                  USS Ruddy AM-380
Richard Dean Leach                USS Ruddy AM-380
Donald L. Mac Lane                USS Ruddy AM-380
Bobby G. Mullins                  USS Ruddy AM-380
Edward Napier                     USS Ruddy AM-380
Gardner Newman                    USS Ruddy AM-380
Olen Pierce                       USS Ruddy AM-380
William M. Porter                 USS Ruddy AM-380
Joseph M. Risko                   USS Ruddy AM-380
John Clayton Savell               USS Ruddy AM-380
Edwin J. Sheridan		  USS Ruddy AM-380
Robert Upton                      USS Ruddy AM-380
Ralph Veerkamp                    USS Ruddy AM-380
Edward V. Wilson                  USS Ruddy AM-380
Clyde P. Worman                   USS Ruddy AM-380
Melvin Frederickson               USS Scoter AM-381
Roy L. Lundquist                  USS Scoter AM-381
Paul Alton Belcher                USS Tercel AM-386
Joseph E. Mercer                  USS Tercel AM-386
Harold Clement Parady             USS Tercel AM-386
Simon J. "Buddy" Veneau           USS Tercel AM-386
Charles Craft                     USS Toucan AM-387
Howard William Davis              USS Toucan AM-387
James Dawkins                     USS Toucan AM-387
Nicholas P. Hoezee                USS Toucan AM-387
Wilbert C. Kaintz                 USS Toucan AM-387
Richard Dean Leach                USS Toucan AM-387
Arthur Y. Mahler                  USS Toucan AM-387
Robert S. Randall                 USS Toucan AM-387
Wayne W. Slocum                   USS Toucan AM-387  
George Grady Cloud                USS Magpie AMc-2
Alfred Goddard                    USS Magpie AMc-2
Thomas Quinlan                    USS Bunting AMc-7
Charles George Whinfrey Jr.       USS Reedbird AMc-30
Donald S. Harbison                USS Rhea AMc-58
Otis Francis Hunter               USS Prestige AMc-97
Otis Thomas "Deb" Brown           USS Medrick AMc-203
William A. Click                  USS Medrick AMc-203
Richard "Dick" Edwards CO         USS Medrick AMc-203
Robert "Blimp" Ramsey             USS Medrick AMc-203
Allan Polmanteer                  USS Blackbird AMcU-11
Everett J. Delozier               USS Seer AMS-12
Leroy C. Ackerman                 USS Heron AMS-18
William L. Hough                  USS Heron AMS-18
Albert Union (Bert) Millspaugh    USS Heron AMS-18
Robert E. Williams                USS Heron AMS-18
Ernest Dorman                     USS Kite AMS-22
Robert L. Burch                   USS Merganser AMS-26
Ralph S. Jackson                  USS Merganser AMS-26
Lee Jorgensen                     USS Mockingbird AMS-27
Donald L. Reed                    USS Mockingbird AMS-27
Ray Andersen                      USS Osprey AMS-28
Rober Gilson                      USS Osprey AMS-28
Gordon M. Shoolman                USS Osprey AMS-28
William L. McGonagle              USS Partridge AMS-31
Richard DiGuiseppe                USS Pelican AMS-32
Frank Maile                       USS Pelican AMS-32
Robert M. Carpenter               USS Redhead AMS-34
William Isenhour                  USS Swallow AMS-36
Lawrence Albert Clark             USS Waxbill AMS-39
Robert Fitzsimmons                USS Waxbill AMS-39
Charles Gamblin                   USS Waxbill AMS-39
Eddie Graham                      USS Waxbill AMS-39
Leon Herring                      USS Waxbill AMS-39
William Reed                      USS Waxbill AMS-39
Elmer Gene Stone                  USS Waxbill AMS-39
Steven Whalen                     USS Waxbill AMS-39
Donald C. Dickerhoff              USS Chatterer AMS-40
Carl Sterling Carlson             USS Oglala CM-4
Robert R. Davis                   USS Oglala CM-4
Henry Dorsett                     USS Oglala CM-4
Earl Klein                        USS Oglala CM-4
John Mook                         USS Oglala CM-4
Robert Harold Morgan              USS Oglala CM-4
Joseph A. Rees                    USS Oglala CM-4
Richard H. (Dick) Ross            USS Oglala CM-4
Louis "Willie" Williams           USS Oglala CM-4
Adonis Heath                      USS Terror CM-5
Richard Spofford                  USS Terror CM-5
Wilfred Elie Wilson               USS Terror CM-5
Laverne Free                      USS Monadnock CM-9
Dexter Monroe Gibson              USS Monadnock CM-9
Patrick J. Hallisey, Jr.          USS Monadnock CM-9
Melvin Jones (Pug)                USS Monadnock CM-9
John Kelley                       USS Monadnock CM-9
Walter Sidley Jr.                 USS Monadnock CM-9
John Patrick Dest                 USS Miantonomah CMc-5/CM10
Weldon Diggs                      USS Miantonomah CMc-5/CM10
Gilbert Gregor Edgar Jr           USS Miantonomah CMc-5/CM10
Charles Hurburt Lynn              USS Miantonomah CMc-5/CM10
Anthony J. Pietrowski             USS Miantonomah CMc-5/CM10
Ricardo Quintana                  USS Miantonomah CMc-5/CM10
Walter Thomas Schlecht            USS Miantonomah CMc-5/CM10
Dale Frank Donleavy               USS Palmer DM-5
Donald M. Clay                    USS Gamble DM-15
Kenneth W. Fourtner               USS Gamble DM-15
Richard Hansen                    USS Gamble DM-15
Hugh Holman                       USS Gamble DM-15
Ralph G. Kelly                    USS Gamble DM-15
Lyle C. McGann                    USS Gamble DM-15
Robert Amore                      USS Ramsay DM-16
Paul Clendenen                    USS Ramsay DM-16
Clarence J. Miller                USS Ramsay DM-16
Charles H. Patterson              USS Ramsay DM-16
Charles F. Swanson                USS Ramsay DM-16
Hadwick Thompson                  USS Ramsay DM-16
Robert Anthony Troup              USS Ramsay DM-16
Stanley Robards                   USS Montgomery DM-17
Bruce Chappell                    USS Breese DM-18
George Golightly                  USS Breese DM-18
George W. McKnight                USS Breese DM-18
Allen Boston                      USS Tracy DM-19
Paul Brown                        USS Tracy DM-19
Joseph Gass                       USS Tracy DM-19
Al Goad                           USS Tracy DM-19
Charles Gorman Jr.                USS Tracy DM-19
Wilbur (Red) Metcalf              USS Tracy DM-19
Thomas T. Scott	                  USS Tracy DM-19
Harold Thorson                    USS Tracy DM-19
Armund R. Witham                  USS Tracy DM-19
Eldridge Wright                   USS Tracy DM-19
Venoy Dahlin                      USS Preble DM-20
John Herwer                       USS Preble DM-20
James Rutledge                    USS Preble DM-20
George Schwab                     USS Preble DM-20
Henry J. Slawek                   USS Preble DM-20
Dahlin Venoy                      USS Preble DM-20
Thomas Harris                     USS Sicard DM-21
James K. Jackson                  USS Sicard DM-21
Jim Pierce                        USS Sicard DM-21
Butch Tomlin                      USS Sicard DM-21
Major Caldwell                    USS Pruitt DM-22
Vernon Holder                     USS Pruitt DM-22
James Wallace Taylor              USS Pruitt DM-22
Elmer Ostrout                     USS Robert H. Smith DM-23
Frank Anderson                    USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
James Auld                        USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
William E. Benbow                 USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
James F. Bowgan Jr.               USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
George Clark                      USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Ernest Grant Conrad               USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
William Gregg                     USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Earl Edward Jones Jr.             USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Arthur May                        USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
John McKellips                    USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Jimmie E. Morris                  USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Donald G. Raymond                 USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Robert G. Sims                    USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Curtis Stone                      USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Robert E. Wheeler                 USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Francis E. Woodford               USS Thomas E. Fraser DM-24
Frank J. Madden                   USS Shannon DM-25
John Herwer                       USS Shea DM-30
Roy K. Schardin Jr.               USS Lindsey DM-32
Donald J. Wyatt                   USS Lindsey DM-32
Jack Westbrook Barnes             USS Gwin DM-33
William H. Barnett                USS Gwin DM-33
John Cantz                        USS Gwin DM-33
Thomas E. Christie                USS Gwin DM-33
William W. Davis                  USS Gwin DM-33
Caleb Denby                       USS Gwin DM-33
Donald Dufour                     USS Gwin DM-33
Cecil Grey                        USS Gwin DM-33
Ronald Hough                      USS Gwin DM-33
Richard Jarvis                    USS Gwin DM-33
Howard G. Levine                  USS Gwin DM-33
John Lilly                        USS Gwin DM-33
Frank Poser                       USS Gwin DM-33
Robert Shburn                     USS Gwin DM-33
William Tatten                    USS Gwin DM-33
Archie A. Westlund                USS Gwin DM-33
Thomas Henry Alvis Jr.            USS Dorsey DMS-1
Frank Anderson                    USS Dorsey DMS-1
Raymond Androtti                  USS Dorsey DMS-1
Frank "Ben" Angruello             USS Dorsey DMS-1
Homer Ross "Grandpa" Arnold       USS Dorsey DMS-1
Raymond Virgil Ballard            USS Dorsey DMS-1
Joseph F. Boyle                   USS Dorsey DMS-1
Marvin W. Bradbury                USS Dorsey DMS-1
Arley "Dick" Bullard Sr           USS Dorsey DMS-1
Harold Wayne Burns                USS Dorsey DMS-1
Arnold "Arnie" Chivers            USS Dorsey DMS-1
Edward Leroy "Bill" Colyer        USS Dorsey DMS-1
Ludford Tarkenton Creef Jr        USS Dorsey DMS-1
James Manny Cupp                  USS Dorsey DMS-1
Willard Burton Dickenson          USS Dorsey DMS-1
Keith Vernon Ellsworth            USS Dorsey DMS-1
John Raymond Etheredge            USS Dorsey DMS-1
Winson J.E.Finney                 USS Dorsey DMS-1
Harold Eugene Fisk                USS Dorsey DMS-1
Maurice Eugene Fulgham            USS Dorsey DMS-1
Carl Galiano                      USS Dorsey DMS-1
Collier Kidd Goodenough           USS Dorsey DMS-1
Walter Hammock Jr                 USS Dorsey DMS-1
Edwin L.Hayes Sr                  USS Dorsey DMS-1
Paul Edwin Healy                  USS Dorsey DMS-1
Elwin Lester Helman               USS Dorsey DMS-1
Jimmie N. Hoover                  USS Dorsey DMS-1
Max Brugh Jeter                   USS Dorsey DMS-1
Frank Carter Jewell               USS Dorsey DMS-1
Clifford E. Kibbey                USS Dorsey DMS-1
Edward A. LeVeque                 USS Dorsey DMS-1
Felix J. Leyba                    USS Dorsey DMS-1
William G. Manthey                USS Dorsey DMS-1
Joseph F. Manzo                   USS Dorsey DMS-1
William H. "Bill" McCoy           USS Dorsey DMS-1
Michael Mellish                   USS Dorsey DMS-1
Victor C. Murariu                 USS Dorsey DMS-1
Michael Joseph Murrin Jr          USS Dorsey DMS-1
Arthur Donald Newquist Jr         USS Dorsey DMS-1
Charles Wilbur Nord               USS Dorsey DMS-1
Walter Edward Oaks Sr             USS Dorsey DMS-1
Milo John Ohausen                 USS Dorsey DMS-1
Robert J. Olsen                   USS Dorsey DMS-1
William Hilton Patterson          USS Dorsey DMS-1
Gibert Odillon Poirier            USS Dorsey DMS-1
Gorman Goodrich Powel Jr          USS Dorsey DMS-1
Frank Cecil Prutsman              USS Dorsey DMS-1
Eugene Joseph Reed                USS Dorsey DMS-1
James G. Rengle                   USS Dorsey DMS-1
Wilbur Wesley Riggs               USS Dorsey DMS-1
Melbrn F.Ross                     USS Dorsey DMS-1
Eugene K. Shmardabeck             USS Dorsey DMS-1
Homer Harris Schooler             USS Dorsey DMS-1
Charles Lamont Schweissinger      USS Dorsey DMS-1
Roy Edward Scribner               USS Dorsey DMS-1
Edwin H. Selgert                  USS Dorsey DMS-1
Dwight A. Sellers                 USS Dorsey DMS-1
Walter Eugene "Gene" Simanton     USS Dorsey DMS-1
Cecil Everet Smith                USS Dorsey DMS-1
Travis Bertram Stewart            USS Dorsey DMS-1
Henry Suwyn Jr                    USS Dorsey DMS-1
Vincent H. Tucciarone             USS Dorsey DMS-1
Charles H. "Chuck" Willison       USS Dorsey DMS-1
Joseph Davis "Joe" Worley         USS Dorsey DMS-1
Charles Zeheb Jr                  USS Dorsey DMS-1
Alfred H. Arnold                  USS Boggs DMS-3
Scott McIntyre                    USS Boggs DMS-3
Chester Zynel                     USS Boggs DMS-3
James (Bud) Russell               USS Elliot DMS-4 
John Duge                         USS Hogan DMS-6
James F. Gavin                    USS Hogan DMS-6
Leonard Hagerlin                  USS Hogan DMS-6
U.S.G. Sharp                      USS Hogan DMS-6
William J. Orr                    USS Hogan DMS-6
Alan F. Swenson                   USS Hogan DMS-6
Douglas W. Davis                  USS Howard DMS-7
Martin Everett Lester Jr.         USS Howard DMS-7
Robert E. Lowe		          USS Howard DMS-7
Thomas Patrick O'Hara             USS Howard DMS-7
Alvin E. Shatto                   USS Howard DMS-7
Milton D. Ward                    USS Howard DMS-7
Harry Warren Jr.                  USS Howard DMS-7
Rodger Wixson                     USS Howard DMS-7
John Duge                         USS Hogan DMS-8
Edward J. Bulman Sr.              USS Southard DMS-10
Robert L. Blanchard               USS Hovey DMS-11
Claud Raymond Gamble              USS Hovey DMS-11
Jerrel Hardy                      USS Hovey DMS-11
Carl N. LaConte                   USS Hovey DMS-11
LT Robert C. Tuttle               USS Hovey DMS-11
Eugene F. Brooker                 USS Hopkins DMS-13
Clifton Fabre Sr.                 USS Hopkins DMS-13
John Edward Hodges                USS Hopkins DMS-13
Douglas Payne                     USS Hopkins DMS-13
William C. Curran                 USS Zane DMS-14
Joseph R. Givens                  USS Zane DMS-14
Colie Gruber                      USS Zane DMS-14
Mike L. Kelley                    USS Zane DMS-14
Gerald W. Freundel                USS Perry DMS-17
Elmer Michaels                    USS Perry DMS-17
Frederick Ford Jewett II          USS Rodman DMS-21
Paul W. Stecker                   USS Rodman DMS-21
Ralph Michelson                   USS Macomb DMS-23
Louis Aldridge                    USS Fitch DMS-25
Robert Caldwell                   USS Fitch DMS-25
Chester E. Hallice                USS Fitch DMS-25
George Kepler Jr.                 USS Fitch DMS-25
Eldon W. Tuttle                   USS Fitch DMS-25
Richard Wertz                     USS Fitch DMS-25
George W. Kingston                USS Jeffers DMS-27
Robert "Felix" Konkol             USS Carmick DMS-33
Rober Berger                      USS Earl DMS-42
Vinton Nourse                     USS Earl DMS-42
Edward J. Boyle                   USS YMS-6
William "Bill" George Pierce Jr.  USS YMS-6
Willis W. Willingham              USS YMS-6
Monroe Duco                       USS YMS-11
Robert A. (Buddy) Braun           USS YMS-15
Thomas Mason Brumby               USS YMS-16
Donald Cole                       USS YMS-16
Richard C. Machcinski             USS YMS-16
James H. Gilbert                  USS YMS-17
Bob Feeny                         USS YMS-19
John R. Cox Jr.                   USS YMS-24
Robert F. Henderson               USS YMS-24
Charles Allen Curtis              USS YMS-27
Robert L. Cass                    USS YMS-29
Alfio Colonghi                    USS YMS-29
Earl Forrest Craig                USS YMS-29
Earl K. Nansen                    USS YMS-29
George E. Schaaf                  USS YMS-29
George E. Corwin                  USS YMS-30
William Joseph Gravell, Jr.       USS YMS-30
Paul John Minogue                 USS YMS-30
John F. Reis                      USS YMS-30
Oscar Vawter                      USS YMS-31
Maurice E. Fitzgerald             USS YMS-33
Howard Thomas Belford             USS YMS-39 
Lee Westhafer                     USS YMS-39
Howard Thomas Belford             USS YMS-42 
Howard Ellard                     USS YMS-43
Robert Anderson                   USS YMS-45
Charles W. Geib                   USS YMS-45
Russell J. McIntosh               USS YMS-45
Harry C. Coleman                  USS YMS-50
Robert E. Gulso                   USS YMS-50
C. Thomas Hosley                  USS YMS-51
Paul Michael Andrieu              USS YMS-52
William (Bill) J. Cleary          USS YMS-52
Alfred P. Fossett                 USS YMS-52
Gilbert A. Jensen                 USS YMS-52
Harry G. Morgan                   USS YMS-52
George M. O'Donnell               USS YMS-52
Vestel E. Larson Sr.              USS YMS-53
Carl Scherrer                     USS YMS-54
Daniel Paul Van Alstine           USS YMS-63
Eugene John Sharpe                USS YMS-63
George K. Walker                  USS YMS-63
Francis J. Zelz                   USS YMS-71
Mike Belmonte                     USS YMS-83
John T. Duckett Jr.               USS YMS-83
Frank A. Turk                     USS YMS-83
Edward Franklin Brewer            USS YMS-93
Carl "Rags" Regalia               USS YMS-93
Herbert G. Banta                  USS YMS-96
Thomas E. Whitlock                USS YMS-96
Joseph John Cascio                USS YMS-98
Erwin Reinhold Miller	          USS YMS-98
William C. Perkins                USS YMS-98
Clarence O'Neil Pettit            USS YMS-98
Simons Lucas Roof  CO             USS YMS-98
Daniel Boone                      USS YMS-99
James F. Peterman CO              USS YMS-118
Thomas O. States                  USS YMS-118
Jacques Rousseau                  USS YMS-120
Arlen R Pulliam                   USS YMS-131
Harold Thompson                   USS YMS-136
Ronal H. Wilson		           USS YMS-140
James Shaw                        USS YMS-163
Donald J. Gillespie		  USS YMS-165
Donald Trullinger                 USS YMS-165
James G. White		          USS YMS-165
Theodore Sas                      USS YMS-177
Robert M. Schmitt                 USS YMS-177
Edward Mitchel                    USS YMS-180
Myron E. Ayer                     USS YMS-183
John Davis                        USS YMS-183
Pete Dill                         USS YMS-183
Gearold W. Callahan               USS YMS-184
William Gladstone                 USS YMS-184
Edward Le Roy Gifford             USS YMS-197
Donald Peter Hansen               USS YMS-197
Matthias J. Mengenhausen          USS YMS-197
Carleton C. Tinkham               USS YMS-215
Henry Kozicki                     USS YMS-219
Vernon A. Brown                   USS YMS-222
Benjamin Bennett                  USS YMS-227
George Wiederer                   USS YMS-241
Paul P. Meyer                     USS YMS-247
Alexander John Sharp              USS YMS-247
Robert Bailey                     USS YMS-251
Robert Bunton                     USS YMS-251
Jack W. Coots                     USS YMS-251
John Robert Holried               USS YMS-251
Roland F. Hudson II               USS YMS-251
Howard B. Gardner                 USS YMS-259
Marvin V. Love                    USS YMS-259
Robert Dudley                     USS YMS-261
Harold E. Goodrich                USS YMS-291
Earl K. Nansen                    USS YMS-291
Carl J.Russ Jr                    USS YMS-291
Domenic Peter Salamida            USS YMS-291
James L. Denzel                   USS YMS-299
Donald S. Harbison                USS YMS-299
Robert Donald Hecker              USS YMS-299
Vernon Kendrick                   USS YMS-299
Thomas A. Morley                  USS YMS-299
Charles Paul                      USS YMS-299
Ralph M. Soule                    USS YMS-299
John Steinberger                  USS YMS-299
Robert Lucas                      USS YMS-301
Al Marshall                       USS YMS-301
Dale Harold Winans                USS YMS-301
John B. Evans                     USS YMS-302
Charles Grainger                  USS YMS-302
Allen W. Grover                   USS YMS-302
Sanford S. (Joe) Bartlett Jr.     USS YMS-303
Herman "Freck" Cullen Bradley     USS YMS-305
Robert Reichenbaugh               USS YMS-305
John Egli Jr.                     USS YMS-306
Maurice E. Fitzgerald             USS YMS-308
Ralph S. Hamlin                   USS YMS-308
John Jennings                     USS YMS-308
Raymond Jacobson                  USS YMS-309
Paul Robert (Bob) Neal            USS YMS-313
John J. Miller                    USS YMS-314
Donald Cole                       USS YMS-316
Richard Hall                      USS YMS-321
J.H. Niell Jr.                    USS YMS-321
Oscar Vawter                      USS YMS-321
Elmer Harrold                     USS YMS-323
Norbert W. Palin                  USS YMS-323
Kenneth Robert Hoare              USS YMS-325
Robert H. Guffey                  USS YMS-327
Horace Andrew Dillard             USS YMS-329
George R. Monroe                  USS YMS-330
Frank Bouma                       USS YMS-334
Leonard Loiselle                  USS YMS-334
James Eley                        USS YMS-335
Russell L. Grady                  USS YMS-335
Siegmund Longzewski               USS YMS-335
Archie E.Spring Jr		  USS YMS-335
William Peiffer Sr.               USS YMS-337
Lonnie Branum                     USS YMS-338
William Honaker                   USS YMS-338
Maurice E. Fitzgerald             USS YMS-339
Hartford H. Holden                USS YMS-339
John J. McCafferey                USS YMS-339
Stacy F. Pickup                   USS YMS-339
Leroy E. Thompson                 USS YMS-339
Frank J. Klansek                  USS YMS-342
Glen Lakey                        USS YMS-342
Kenneth P. Kroll	          USS YMS-345
Lewis Doughtery                   USS YMS-346
Douglas W. Faust                  USS YMS-347
Sterling Shaffer                  USS YMS-350
George Edward Smith               USS YMS-350
Richard Miller                    USS YMS-355
Carleton C. Tinkham               USS YMS-355
Peter R. Wood                     USS YMS-358
George B. Crocker                 USS YMS-366
William G. Lemons                 USS YMS-366
Tom Parrish                       USS YMS-366
Ray Schneider                     USS YMS-366
Halbert Allen Powell              USS YMS-367
Charles Joseph Smallhorn          USS YMS-367
Elvin Lee Lair                    USS YMS-370
Byron Lyth                        USS YMS-370
John Francis Zens                 USS YMS-370
Joseph Sother                     USS YMS-371
Roy E. Jones                      USS YMS-372
Edgar A. Comee                    USS YMS-375
Albert Capriotti                  USS YMS-378
Alvin C. Osmus                    USS YMS-383
Lowell Gene Shorb                 USS YMS-383
Clarence Olan Wiblin              USS YMS-383
W. Cross                          USS YMS-385
C. Dudley                         USS YMS-385
H. Dudley                         USS YMS-385
Wyatt Ferguson Jr.                USS YMS-385
J. Fields                         USS YMS-385
Paul Hercsek                      USS YMS-385
James Thomas Holshouser           USS YMS-385
A. Nash                           USS YMS-385
R. C. Roberts                     USS YMS-385
J. J. Sowder                      USS YMS-385
A. Stotts                         USS YMS-385
Lelean Carl Swift                 USS YMS-385
Cecil Ray McClain                 USS YMS-386
Clifford E. Medley                USS YMS-386
Kenneth Arthur Manley Sr          USS YMS-387
Edward J. Bulman Sr               USS YMS-389
Leamon "Hugh" Jones               USS YMS-389
Thomas McLinsky                   USS YMS-389
Bill Scott                        USS YMS-389
Stanley F. Golomb                 USS YMS-392
Albert E. Bailey                  USS YMS-393
Kenneth Anderson                  USS YMS-398
Randall E. Brooks                 USS YMS-398
Perry Cooper                      USS YMS-398
Ira "Larry" Ladig                 USS YMS-398
Tom Morin                         USS YMS-398
William R. Rawson                 USS YMS-398
William Blankenship Jr.           USS YMS-403
Stanley Resetic                   USS YMS-404
Charles Edward Esposito           USS YMS-405
Clyde Reed                        USS YMS-405
Peter R. Wood                     USS YMS-405
Anthony J. Burkart                USS YMS-407
James R. Cosgrove                 USS YMS-407
Lester Free                       USS YMS-407
Joseph McDaniel                   USS YMS-407
Donald Nelson                     USS YMS-407
Victor L. Tarabusi                USS YMS-407
Harley Y. Karvonen                USS YMS-408
Howard G. Zellner                 USS YMS-408
Palmer Frey Hess                  USS YMS-419
Larry Laber                       USS YMS-419
Melvin Coldeway                   USS YMS-425
Louis Lejeune                     USS YMS-425
Jules Finegold                    USS YMS-426
William Magnusson                 USS YMS-427
Kenneth "Jack" Simpson            USS YMS-427
Robert Cogan                      USS YMS-431
Leonard Stone                     USS YMS-436
Everett J. Delozier               USS YMS-444 
John Emerson Boyd                 USS YMS-445
William C Silber Jr.              USS YMS-445
Richard J. Vollrath               USS YMS-449
Roland F. Hudson II               USS YMS-458
Eugene Gordon                     USS YMS-461
Larry Laber                       USS YMS-461
James Perkins                     USS YMS-461
Glendene Daugherty                USS YMS-472
Robert Charles Hicks              USS YMS-472
William Andy Martin               USS YMS-472
Joseph Robert Quather             USS YMS-472
Boyd Stauffer                     USS YMS-472
H.Calvert Bernhardt               USS YMS-478
Harold E. Mungoven                USS YMS-478
Wesley E. Lindsey JR.             COMINFLOTONE/CoMinRon1
Thomas F. Peterson                Mine Assembly Base
Vernon Wolfe                      MinDiv-1
Steve Richardson                  MinDiv-33
Robert Zelenak                    MinDiv-54
Kenneth J. Evans                  MinDiv-81
Rudolph "Rudy" Bruketta           MinDiv-112 MSB-18
Kenneth "Red" Bellamy             MinDiv-113
Felton C. Holland                 MinDiv-113
William Henry Kersting CO         COMINERON 5
William McKay, Jr.                MOMAG-713
Dave Collis                       MineLant
Leonard Maxwell (Max) Baker       HMCS Vegreville J-257
Charles Hancock                   HMS Clinton J-286
Paul Bootherstone                 HMS Maxton M-1165 


I made a choice some years ago
To sail the sea no more.
I donít regret the life and love
Iíve made here on the shore.

But Iím haunted by a temptress
My first true love, the sea.
My dark and stormy mistress
I hear her call to me.

Iím torn between my life ashore
And the call to sail away.
My love, my life is needed here
Iím duty bound to stay.

Yet, often I will walk the beach
Throughout the darkest hours.
To hear my lovers mournful call
To feel her awesome power.

Oh, cradle of all Earthly life,
Great mother of the sea.
Cast off the lines that hold my heart
And let my soul sail free.

In the end I will return to you
My final love, the deep.
Iíll pull your waters over me
Eternally to sleep.

Author Unknown

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