USS Conflict (MSO-426)
Ship's History

Launching of USS CONFLICT (MSO-426)

The USS CONFLICT (MSO-426), second ship to bear this name, was built by the Fulton Shipyard, Antioch, CA. From the keel up she was built to carry out all types of mine sweeping operations. The most important features of her construction are the fact that she had a wooden hull with non-magnetic equipment. Initially designated as a minesweeper (AM) reclassed as ocean minesweeper (MSO) in February 1955. Originally fitted with UQS-1 mine detecting sonar. Endurance is 2,400 miles at 10 knots.

She was launched on 16 December 1952 under the sponsorship of Mrs. E. T. Aldrich, wife of Captain Aldrich.
Upon completion and fitting out, CONFLICT was accepted for Naval Service and commissioned on 23 March 1954.

CONFLICT is a 422 Aggressive Class Ocean Minesweeper.

CONFLICT operated on the west coast between 12 April 1954 and 4 January 1956, conducting acoustic ranging experiments, noise reduction experiments, and removing practice mine fields. She was reclassified MSO-426 on 7 February 1955.

She sailed from Long Beach 4 January 1956 for Pearl Harbor, where between 15 January and 20 February, she conducted underwater photography operations. She returned to Long Beach 1 March, and during April conducted shock tests off San Clemente Island.

CONFLICT was assigned to Commander Mine Division NINETY-ONE and was homeported in Long Beach, California.

CONFLICT joined harbor defense exercises at San Diego and carried out other local operations until 5 August 1957, when she sailed from Long Beach for Pearl Harbor, Midway, and Yokosuka, arriving 31 August. She operated in Japanese waters, called at Hong Kong, and joined ships of the Republic of China in minesweeping exercises off Formosa, returning to Long Beach 1 March for west coast operations during the remainder of the year.

She returned to duty in the Far East 14 March 1960, calling at Manila, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japanese ports before sailing for the west coast 24 June. Local operations were resumed through the remainder of 1960.

In January 1962, CONFLICT departed Long Beach for another of her scheduled Far East deployments.

Late in February 1964, CONFLICT once again deployed to the Far East. After participating in exercises Unitas and Minutehand in the Philippines during June, CONFLICT returned to Long Beach in August. She deployed to the Far East on 21 September. She arrived in Vietnamese waters in mid-November and commenced Market Time operations against Viet Cong infiltration in the area north of the Makong River Delta. On 17 December she went to the assistance of Vietnamese Navy Junk Division 31, which was under Viet Cong attack near Point Kega. She fired 560 rounds of 40mm ammunition during the ensuing hour-long engagement and was later credited with killing 17 Viet Cong.

In 1966, CONFLICT conducted three additional Market Time patrols, near Vung Tau and Da Nang. On 2 August, she returned to Long Beach. On 1 September 1967, CONFLICT sailed for WestPac and a return to Market Time operation. During CONFLICT's 1967-68 WestPac cruises, CONFLICT participated in three Market Time patrols. In early February, CONFLICT, along with other units of Mine Division Ninety-One, participated in live minesweeping operations in an effort to reduce the danger to U.S. operations forces, after a U.S. Navy aircraft carrying mines crashed into the sea.

On 1 March, CONFLICT, as a unit of CTG 115.3 secretly awaiting the appearance of an arms laden trawler attempting to infiltrate into South Vietnam. The trawler was destroyed by USCGC Winona (WHEC-65) as CONFLICT and other units cut off her escape. U.S. Forces destroyed three trawlers and turned back a fourth has been declared the "greatest naval battle of the Vietnam war."

CONFLICT returned to the Long Beach area 21 May 1968, having completed a very successful 8 1/3 month deployment. The CONFLICT left Long Beach 17 February 1969 for the Western Pacific as a unit of the powerful Seventh Fleet with our sister ships the USS PLEDGE (MSO-492), USS IMPLICIT (MSO-455), USS DYNAMIC (MSO-432), and USS PERSISTENT (MSO-491), arriving Pearl Harbor on 27 February. From Pearl Harbor she sailed on to Kwajalein Atoll and Guam. From Guam, she sailed on to Subic Bay, Philippine Islands before sailing on to Vietnam. She was on Market Time operations by 15 April in Viet Nam. Her travels took her to the ports of Kwajalein, Guam, Subic Bay and the Philippine Islands, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Okinawa, Yokosuka, Sasebo, Midway Island, Danang, Quin Nhon, and Nha Trang, Vietnam. She returned to Long Beach 4 October 1969. Following overhaul and leave for the crew, CONFLICT was transferred to the Fleet Reserve after 20 years of active duty service in March 1970. She made a final overseas deployment to the Far East from July 1971 through December 1971. During this deployment, she spent several weeks on Market Time patrol off Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. She returned to the States and was decommissioned in June 1972. She was stricken from the Navy list, and was sold by Defense Reutilization and Marketing (DRMS) on 12 January 1973 for scrapping.