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MSO Sailors of Nevada Group 44
Started January 27, 2002

9 members

If you live in Nevada and served on an MSO and would like to be part of this group, contact Rick Szpyrka

This Group was started as a social Group, no meetings or board members. Just to meet and have a cup of coffee or whatever when we are in each others area and tell sea stories. Sometimes it's difficult to travel to MSO reunions in other parts of the country. So this is a local State Group that can meet at our own convenience, no commitments just possibilities.

Howard J. Allshouse Jr.
Sparks, NV
USS Persistent MSO-491
Paul H. Thorsted
Pahrump, NV
USS Observer MSO-461
James J. Maher
Las Vegas, NV
USS Fortify MSO-446
Gary Church
Las Vegas, NV
USS Gallant MSO-489
Theodore Edmondson
Silver Springs, NV
USS Pledge MSO-492
Richard G. (Pete) Peterson
Las Vegas, NV
USS Dynamic MSO-432
Roger Van Oordt
Las Vegas, NV
USS Dynamic MSO-432
Gene Stroing V
Hawthorne, NV
USS Direct MSO-430
Robert Haley
Reno, NV
USS Gallant MSO-489
Charles Carman
Las Vegas, NV
USS Persistent MSO-491

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