A walk through for old times

By Al Hines

Memories of shipboard life

I'm posting an actual walk through starting with the Laundry stb side. (this walk through pertains to the AGILE/AGGRESSIVE and ACME CLASS Sweeps).
Note: Possible modifications from ship to ship.


Main Deck:


Navigator's Stores

Supply Office

CPO W.R:(with 2 double berths with single Head and Shwr)

Ship's Pantry


Crews Head:(which included (4) Johns (2)Urls,(3) Lavs, (2)Showers)

Crew's Berthings: (3)racks of 3 stbd & port, there were (12)racks centerline with (3)racks off center between those and the port side racks.

Medical Storeroom

Repair 2(adjacent to Windlass Room and chain pipes)

BOATSWAIN'S Storeroom (centerline to stem)

PORT SIDE: (passageway)
Starting aft at down ladder entrance(which I'll provide later in this series)

Good Ole Ship's Office


Wardroom Stateroom (aft port) which included (1)double berth with adjoining toilet case -WRB
Wardroom Stateroom (fwd port) which included (1)double berth

Wardroom Mess (40" round table (4)chairs pass through window to Galley)

GALLEY (2 sinks, 2 kettles, type "A" range, type "B" range, steam table)

Mess Deck (serving counter, with (2) 6' tables and (1) 5'9" table all with benches.

STBD SIDE (aft, up ladder located beside laundry going forward) UPPER DECK - 01 Level

QUARTER CRANE,(motor,elect,brake & reduction gear box power training STBD


Portable Fire Pump exhaust hose (located on stbd blkhd of Magnetic Cable Reel Well)

Portable Fire Pump Eductor Hose (located a little fwd of exhaust hose) same blkhd.

Portable Log Desk Port/STBD next to Boiler & Uptake Trunk

Small passage Port/STBD (prior to FRAM job)

Radio Emerg Diesel Gen. & Electronics Storeroom No 1

Fan Room Supply

Passageway with watertight door (which led to Radio Central/Radio & Radar XMTG Center which included equipment such as Teletypewriter,Freq. Shift Conv.Comparator,(3)Radio Rec,(2)Radar Rec,Ant Coup.,Trans,Req Meter,) on your left as you walked straight through, also to small passage as you turned right which might include Flag Office on right on to CAPT's Stateroom which was STBD side with the DIV CDR Stateroom across from the CO's Stateroom.

Back out on Deck, STBD side going FWD:

Small Arms AMM. LKR

Port Fire Pump Exhaust & Suction Hose

Portable Davit Stowage

Portable Fire Pump Disch Hose

Wash Deck Hose

Crane Assembly Stowage

40mm Gun Mount or Transducer Hoist

Gun Tub with hose racks

Capstan/Chain Pipes

Chafing plates

Tow Line Saddle

Chain Stoppers

Danforth Anchors P/S

Bow Chock

Flag Staff

PORT SIDE (01 level aft going fwd)

King Post

Vegetable Locker

26' Whale Boat

Damage Control Shoring & Painters Stages (located port side of Magnetic Cable Reel Well near Fire Station #4)

D.O. Filling Hose for Small Boats

Portable Stanchions & Lifelines located at this area.


Boat Gear Locker next to Boiler & Uptake Trunk

PLENUM CHAMB P/S( Don't know about that one - help me Boats!)

Boat Davit Winch

Small passageway (again) Port/Stbd

Cable Reel

Refueling at Sea P/S connection

Hydraulic Fluid Filling Hose

Brow Stowage

FWD filling hose


Back to Gun or Hoist.....

02 Level Navigating Bridge and Pilot House

Aft of Ship's Mast(and Ship's Bell) was the shore power control box, fwd was the Signal gear locker.

Stb side next to ship's mast (Air Cond Room?)

Port side behind ship's mast (supply vent, Air lift , Whistle Air Tank Life jacket locker 20 jacket cap.)

Going FWD Port side, Inflatable Life Boat Stowage No.4

12" Signal Searchlight & Platform P/S

Inflatable Life Boat Storage P/S

Running Lights P/S

Grenade Lockers (PORT)

Replenishing At Sea Stanchion Supports P/S

Blasting Cap Locker (STBD)

Watertight door(STBD) passage to CIC on left with equipment such as sonar/radar screens DRT auto plot table, chart table, fath, recs, )

Turn right from passage to Pilot House (chart table,steering compass, steering console, control console, auto deg behind control console on CIC bulkhead)

03 LEVEL (Top of Pilot House)Bridge Ship's Mast (with lower station keeping light P/S)

Floodlights P/S

small arms amm locker (port side)

Chair on Port Wing just a few feet from ladder.

Inflatable life boat stowage no 2 (as you look left from chair)

Desk (Port)

Whip Antenna

Radar Repeater (left of centerline)

Gyro Repeater (centerline)

Masthead Light (centerline)

Bridge Chair (We all know that one!!)

Gyro Repeater P/S

Mag Standard Compass located centerline behind platform and in front of Chart Desk

Chart desk located in front of UNIT COMMANDER PLOT station which included radar,loran,chart table. (2) watertight doors P/S

04 Level - Searchlight Platform

Tuner & Coupler

Whip Antenna

Voice Tube

(By-the-way! I would sneak hot baked bread with government peanut butter and coffee up there when I had the lookout watch!)

24" Searchlight

PLATFORM (Down below!)

I'll start this aft going FWD on the STBD side (center line to STBD)

Electronic Storeroom & Emergency Radio Room

Lube Oil Tank

Engineers's Storeroom



Air Storage no.2

STBD Magnetic M/S Generator & Propulsion Engine

Propusion Engine (left of above)

Air Storage Tank no. 1 STBD side #2-air comp above

Fuel Oil Service Tank


Sound Proof Booth (centerline)



Ships Service Diesel 100KW (centerline)


Diesel Generator Magnetic M/S

D.O. Service Tank aft of Ships Service Diesel Generator - 185 KW (extreme STBD side.

M.G. SET (2) STBD side


Crew's (Snipes) Berthing 33 men

(6)racks of 3 from centerline to STBD BLKHD (also ladder leading up to Mess Decks STBD side.


Water cooler (right of centerline)

Reefer (right of Water cooler)

Comp(2) (also right of Water cooler)

Manifold for Refrig controls on next Blkhd.


Freeze Room (STBD side)


Canned Goods Locker (centerline)

Dry Provisions Storeroom PORT/STBD (running out of space!)


Chain Locker

Paint & Inflammable Stores

Acid Stowage Box


Lets go AFT again.

Aft going FWD on the PORT side (center line to PORT)

Engineering Log Room (PORT QRTR)

Battery Charge Switchboard (right of log room)

Storage Battery Shop

Electronic Workbench (right of above)

General Workshop (centerline to PORT)



Air storage Tank no 3.

PORT propulsion Engine

Prop. Red.Gear (left of above)

Lube Oil Storage Tank (left of above)

Magnetic M/S Generator $ Propusion Engine (PORT)

Air storage Tank no 4 (left of above)

Fuel Oil Service Tank (next to Blkhead going PORT)



Acoustic M/S Generator

Diesel Gen 60KW (left of above)

Diesel Hydraulic Pump unit (fwd of above)

Switchboard Acoustic M/S (right of above)

Cont. Switchboard (right of above)

Switchboard Ship's Service (port to stbd across centerline)

Log desk (aft of above stbd side)


Crew's Berthing (PORT)

(4) rows of 3

Gyro Compass Room (centerline to PORT)


Sonar Sea Chest (centerline to PORT)

Sonar Room (left of above)


Dry Provision Stores


Chill Room


Dry Provisions Storeroom


chain locker

You know the rest!


Stbd Side at Laundry going aft.

To your right is the Sweep Gear Drum Controller

next is the Rollers for the Magnetic & Accoustic Cables

Hammer Box AMK 6

RAWT Hatch

single Float

RAWT HATCH (to the right of above)


Stbd Crane

Equalizing Bridle Towing Pad (left of STBD Float)

Roller Chock for Acoustic Cable (portable) centerline

Ensign Staff (left of roller chock)

Port Crane


Port Single Float

Equalizing Bridle Towing Pad (right of PORT Float)


Portable Tow Bow (left of RAWT HATCH)

Single Float (PORT)

Hammer Box AMK IV Type III (right of above)

Passage going to Ship's Office

down ladder to DC (where we would play poker)

I know there has been a lot left out! I just tried to hit the basics. Maybe this will jog some memories.


Starting aft going fwd centerline to STBD

After steering

Linen locker (right of steering gear)


Sweep Gear Storeroom (centerline to STBD)

Diesel Oil Tank

Chemical Warfare Locker


Diesel Oil Tank (centerline)

Diesel Oil Tank Compartment (right of above)






STBD Diesel Oil Tank

Diesel Oil Tank Compartment (right of above)

Sonar Seachest


STBD Fresh Water Tank


Fresh Water Tank (centerline)


Chain Locker Sump


Void Space to Stem

Let's go back to After Steering and hit the PORT side.

After Steering


Diving Gear Locker

Sweep Gear Storeroom

Moored Gear Locker


Diesel Oil Tank (centerline)

Dan Bouys WTS stowed below (left of above)






PORT Diesel Oil Tank


Sonar Sea Chest

Sonar Room (left of above)


PORT Fresh Water Tank


Fresh Water Tank (centerline) (1) P/S


Chain Locker Sump P/S


Void Space to stem

Are we remembering what it was all about?