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Email address's of 536 Minecraft Crew Members

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Name Ship

Ernest Brown CoMinRon-2
Mail to all CoMinRon-3 James K. Roberts RM1 1953 - 1957 CoMinRon-3 Edwin J. "Ed" Smith PN3 1956 - 1957 CoMinRon-3 Mike Goss LT 1962 CoMinRon-3 William H. Whitfield EN2 1950 - 1951 CoMinRon-3
Floyd H. Fields LCDR 1972 - 1975 CoMinRon-5
Mail to all CoMinRon-7 Amarante J. Chavez 1960 - 1962 CoMinRon-7 Leroy Kenner CoMinRon-7 Mike Koffler YN 1965 - 1967 CoMinRon-7 Jerry Cummins SK3 1963 - 1964 CoMinRon-7
Martin Toth CoMinRon-8
Leroy Kenner CoMinRon-9
Mail to all CoMinRon-10 Allen Black CoMinRon-10 Jerry Davis CoMinRon-10 Jerry Sapp CoMinRon-10 Howard Herber 1959 - 1962 CoMinRon-10 Wilbur Hales MR2 1957 - 1962 CoMinRon-10
Mail to all CoMinRon-11 C. J. Harrod CoMinRon-11 Leroy Kenner CoMinRon-11 Robert B. Rooker CoMinRon-11 John S. Howard CoMinRon-11 JC Weber 1964 - 1965 CoMinRon-11 Mike Connell BM2 CoMinRon-11 Eliot Butterfield ENC 1963 CoMinRon-11 Ed Livingston QM3 1966 CoMinRon-11 YFU-39 JC Weber 1966 - 1967 CoMinRon-11 Tom Drake 1967 - 1968 CoMinRon-11 Gary Jeffres EM3 1970 - 1971 CoMinRon-11 YFU-39 John Thompson (Snail Mail) CoMinRon-11 Ray Johnson MR1 1963 - 1965 CoMinRon-11 Floyd H. Fields LCDR 1969 - 1972 CoMinRon-11 Jim Great Elk Waters 1962 & 1965 CoMinRon-11 Dan C. Bierman 1966 - 1968 CoMinRon-11 YFU-39 1966
Edward F. Cole Jr. CO 1968 - 1969 CoMinDiv 31
Bob Fox SM1/SMC 1960 - 1964 CoMinDiv 41
William (Bill) Rivers QM1c 1953 - 1955 CoMinLant
Mike Goss LT 1960 - 1961 CoMinPac
Arthur W. Stauff CDR COOPMINEUNIT 2202
Mail to all MinDiv 11 Don Applegate 1966 - 1968 Mindiv 11 Dan C. Bierman 1966 - 1968 Mindiv 11
Mail to all MinDiv 33 Rick Christie Sr. EMFN 1962 - 1963 Mindiv 33 MSL-17 Bob Banto SN 1962 Mindiv 33 MSL-11 Bob Davis SN 1963 - 1964 Mindiv 33 MSL-12 Doug Hickman SN 1961 - 1963 Mindiv 33 Mel Maxwell EM2 1962 - 1964 Mindiv 33 Tom Yunk SN 1961 - 1963 Mindiv 33 Bill Steinke EN2 1962 - 1963 Mindiv 33 Roger Back CWO-4 (Ret.) 1964 - 1966 Mindiv 33 Ed Sinclair ETR3 1964 - 1966 Mindiv 33 MSL-18 Dennis W. Nelson EM3 1963 - 1965 Mindiv 33 MSL-14 Dave Getzin EM2 1961 - 1963 Mindiv 33 MSL-14 Felix Zolla Mindiv 33 Don Applegate 1964 - 1965 Mindiv 33
Mail to all MinDiv 35 James K. Roberts RM1 1953 - 1957 Mindiv 35 Joe Reynolds YN 1971 - 1972 Mindiv 35
Arthur E. Boule Jr. CO 1962 - 1963 Mindiv 43
John Allred Mindiv 45
Mail to all MinDiv 111 George King EN2 MinDiv 111 Boat #10 Tracy Rhodes MinDiv 111 Alan E. Weston MinDiv 111 Richard G. (Pete) Peterson MinDiv 111 JC Weber 1957 - 1959 MinDiv 111 Boat #30 James B. Hebert SR. END2 MinDiv 111 Charlie Carter 1968 - 1969 MinDiv 111 Guy Jordan MinDiv 111 Don Houk EM2 1958 - 1961 MinDiv 111
Mail to all MinDiv 112 James C Merwin ET MinDiv 112 Guy Jordan MinDiv 112 James Whitehead 1956 - 1958 MinDiv 112
Mail to all MinDiv 113 Richard G. (Pete) Peterson MinDiv 113-MSB-22 Stewart McArthur SM3 1956 - 62 MinDiv 113 Guy Jordan MinDiv 113 Kenneth "Red" Bellamy BM 1968 - 1969 V MinDiv 113
Mail to all MinDiv 125 David A. Kappel MinDiv 125 Luther Williams MinDiv 125 Jerry Sapp MinDiv 125 Ken Beyer MinDiv 125 Robert J. Campbell ET3 1988 MinDiv 125 Donald Halfmann EM2 MinDiv 125 Al Hanson EN2 1979 - 1983 MinDiv 125 Ricardo J. Russo Jr. 1981 - 1982 MinDiv 125 MSB-29
Mail to all USS Avenger (MCM-1) Sauceda USS Avenger (MCM-1) Timothy D. Lowder USS Avenger (MCM-1) Mark S. Sette USS Avenger (MCM-1) Jerry Thorsell USS Avenger (MCM-1) John Unger USS Avenger (MCM-1) Robert W. Sepulveda USS Avenger (MCM-1) Thomas R. Young ENC 1983 - 1988 USS Avenger (MCM-1) Michael E. Stone 1990 - 1992 USS Avenger (MCM-1) Joseph E. Zavodny LCDR CO 1991 - 1993 USS Avenger (MCM-1)
Mail to all USS Defender (MCM-2) Chris Mc Neill USS Defender (MCM-2) Christopher Mannoia USS Defender (MCM-2) Jimmy L. Carlisle USS Defender (MCM-2)
Mail to all USS Sentry (MCM-3) Jai Dykes USS Sentry (MCM-3) D. Steven Diebold USS Sentry (MCM-3) Rodney A. Gawley II USS Sentry (MCM-3) John Valdes USS Sentry (MCM-3) Mark Kane USS Sentry (MCM-3) Craig S. Dionne USS Sentry (MCM-3) Tony Giltner USS Sentry (MCM-3)
Mail to all USS Champion (MCM-4) Mark Schooley Plankowner USS Champion (MCM-4) John Baum USS Champion (MCM-4) Ronald L. Brimer USS Champion (MCM-4) Scott Miller IC2 Plankowner USS Champion (MCM-4) Troy Shoemaker DC3 Plankowner USS Champion (MCM-4)
Mail to all USS Guardian (MCM-5) Steve E. Rodgers USS Guardian (MCM-5) Tommy Boyles USS Guardian (MCM-5) Kyle Franklin USS Guardian (MCM-5) J. Fisher USS Guardian (MCM-5) John Valdes USS Guardian (MCM-5) Charlie Braun USS Guardian (MCM-5) Bill Mercer USS Guardian (MCM-5) Mark M. Hosea 1988 - 1992 USS Guardian (MCM-5) Greg (Nuttz) Thomas 2000 - 2003 USS Guardian (MCM-5)
Mail to all USS Devastator (MCM-6) Charlie Braun USS Devastator (MCM-6) Bill Mercer USS Devastator (MCM-6) Melvin Johnson DC3 1992 - 1994 USS Devastator (MCM-6)
Mail to all USS Patriot (MCM-7) Todd Crawford USS Patriot (MCM-7) Eric W. Elliott USS Patriot (MCM-7) Gary "Kaaboom" Cecilio USS Patriot (MCM-7) Dean Venczel USS Patriot (MCM-7)
Mail to all USS Scout (MCM-8) Phillip Cramer USS Scout (MCM-8) Jerry Crain USS Scout (MCM-8) Jim Taft STGC 1989 - 1992 USS Scout (MCM-8) Lamar Knudtson USS Scout (MCM-8)
Mail to all USS Pioneer (MCM-9) Matt Ringrose USS Pioneer (MCM-9) Rodney A. Gawley II USS Pioneer (MCM-9) Lamar Knudtson USS Pioneer (MCM-9) William R. Straker II USS Pioneer (MCM-9) Tony Giltner USS Pioneer (MCM-9) Matthew S. Prager MNC USS Pioneer (MCM-9) Mark M. Hosea 1992 - 1994 USS Pioneer (MCM-9) Michael E. Stone 1999 - 2003 USS Pioneer (MCM-9)
Mail to all USS Warrior (MCM-10) Brett King USS Warrior (MCM-10) John Baum USS Warrior (MCM-10) Paul Chitwood USS Warrior (MCM-10) John Valdes USS Warrior (MCM-10) Ricky D. Williams RMCS(SW) 1992 - 1996 USS Warrior (MCM-10)
Mail to all USS Gladiator (MCM-11) Dave Pudim USS Gladiator (MCM-11) Alex L. Adams USS Gladiator (MCM-11) Brian Lee Bowers STG2 Plank owner USS Gladiator (MCM-11)
Mail to all USS Ardent (MCM-12) Matthew S. Prager MNC USS Ardent (MCM-12) Matt Ringrose USS Ardent (MCM-12) Alex L. Adams USS Ardent (MCM-12) Tommy Boyles USS Ardent (MCM-12) Rodney A. Gawley II USS Ardent (MCM-12) Lamar Knudtson USS Ardent (MCM-12) Brian K. Barr USS Ardent (MCM-12) Scott Burgin USS Ardent (MCM-12)
Mail to all USS Dextrous (MCM-13) Alex L. Adams USS Dextrous (MCM-13) Brett King USS Dextrous (MCM-13) John Valdes USS Dextrous (MCM-13)
Mail to all USS Chief (MCM-14) Alex L. Adams USS Chief (MCM-14) Brian K. Barr USS Chief (MCM-14) Mark D. Gee USS Chief (MCM-14) Scott Burgin USS Chief (MCM-14) Bo Blevins ENC(SW) 2004 USS Chief (MCM-14) Shaun Nourse EN1 Plank Owner USS Chief (MCM-14)
Mail to all USS Catskill (MCS-1) Oscar G. Jose USS Catskill (MCS-1) Barry Watt USS Catskill (MCS-1) Samuel S. Yates USS Catskill (MCS-1) John Bumpus USS Catskill (MCS-1) Mike Stoddard USS Catskill (MCS-1) Travis Pike BT2 1968 - 1969 USS Catskill (MCS-1) David Dillon 1969 - 1970 USS Catskill (MCS-1) M. R. Rexford OSCM(SW) USS Catskill (MCS-1) Bill Chiappi CWO-2 1968-1970 USS Catskill (MCS-1) Larry Eisele RD2 1968 - 1970 USS Catskill (MCS-1) Lou Berolatti USS Catskill (MCS-1) Joe Colletta USS Catskill (MCS-1) Jack Moore USS Catskill (MCS-1) Gary Penn YNSN 1967 - 1968 USS Catskill (MCS-1) James (Jay) Young YN3 1969 - 1970 USS Catskill (MCS-1) James Lipsey RDSN 1968 USS Catskill (MCS-1) Curt Mignacco RM3 USS Catskill (MCS-1) Bob Davidson Sk3 1969 - 1970 USS Catskill (MCS-1)
Mail to all USS Ozark (MCS-2) Jerry Falduto USS Ozark (MCS-2) Kenneth Herndon SK3 1966 - 1967 USS Ozark (MCS-2) Fritz H. Moeller 1966 - 1968 USS Ozark (MCS-2) Albert K. Sapp USS Ozark (MCS-2)
Ken Lessard SK 1963 - 1964 USS Orleans Parish (MCS-6)
Mail to all USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Steve Coupland USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Samuel S. Yates USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) John W. Hans USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Thomas H. Hennessy IV USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) John P. Hudson USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Michael C. Hamner USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Kenneth Couch USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Richard Norman USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Richard G. (Pete) Peterson USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Wendell Willis ETN 1964 - 1966 USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Joe Copes Crewmates Photo USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Eric Ayers USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Mike Connell BM2 USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Ron Boise 1967 - 1969 USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Kenneth D. Sandifer DK3 1963 - 1965 USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Bill Seibert USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) William F. Fiegel USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Andrew A. Bott RD 1965 - 1966 USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Gerald (Jerry) Bloom 1964 - 1966 USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Ray Johnson MR1 1965 - 1967 USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Benjamin E. Pugatch YN USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) Richard E. Broussard YN3 1966 - 1967 USS Epping Forest (MCS-7)
Mail to all USS Inchon (MCS-12) Brett King USS Inchon (MCS-12) Salvatore F. Scavone USS Inchon (MCS-12) R. L. Johnson USS Inchon (MCS-12)
Mail to all USS Osprey (MHC-51) Steve E. Rodgers USS Osprey (MHC-51) Charles C. Hutchins USS Osprey (MHC-51) Oscar N. Jones USS Osprey (MHC-51) Jeff K. Pate USS Osprey (MHC-51)
Mail to all USS Pelican (MHC-53) George Allen USS Pelican (MHC-53) Mark Test USS Pelican (MHC-53)
Mail to all USS Robin (MHC-54) Dennis Moxley USS Robin (MHC-54) James Snodgrass USS Robin (MHC-54) Miguel A. Romero USS Robin (MHC-54) Dan Bulpett USS Robin (MHC-54) Kevin M. Doucette USS Robin (MHC-54)
Mail to all USS Oriole (MHC-55) Ted Cammack USS Oriole (MHC-55) Dean Pendergrass USS Oriole (MHC-55)
Mail to all USS Kingfisher (MHC-56) Tim Hickman USS Kingfisher (MHC-56) Sharlene V. Walker USS Kingfisher (MHC-56) Edward Nixon USS Kingfisher (MHC-56)
Mail to all USS Black Hawk (MHC-58) Dave Pudim USS Black Hawk (MHC-58) Dan Trevino USS Black Hawk (MHC-58) Marc F. Piotter USS Black Hawk (MHC-58)
Mail to all USS Cardinal (MHC-60) John Carman USS Cardinal (MHC-60) Timothy R. Cline USS Cardinal (MHC-60) Christopher W. Thompson USS Cardinal (MHC-60) Nate Picone USS Cardinal (MHC-60)
Tom Niemiec USS Raven (MHC-61)
Leroy Kenner MSB-7
Allen Black MSB-8
Charles Carman EN2 1967 - 1970 MSB-10
Brad Munger MSB-19
Donald Halfmann EM2 MSB-25
Mail to all MSB-26 Howard Herber 1959 - 1962 MSB-26 Wilbur Hales MR2 1957 - 1962 MSB-26
Mail to all MSB-29 Donald Halfmann EM2 MSB-29 Wilbur Hales MR2 1957 - 1962 MSB-29
Al Hanson EN2 1979 - 1983 MSB-41
Howard Herber 1959 - 1962 MSB-42
Gary Jeffres EM3 1970 - 1971 MSB-50
Allen Black MSB-51
Mail to all MSB-52 C. J. Harrod MSB-52 Brad Munger MSB-52
Jim Great Elk Waters 1962 - 1963 MSB-54
Stan Cochran USS Kite (MSC-22)
Arthur G. Weeks Jr. USS Grouse (MSC-15)
Johnnie Tucker USS Ostrich (MSC-29)
Mail to all USS Swan (MSC-37) Alvin Neal Townsend USS Swan (MSC-37) Charles H. Garner USS Swan (MSC-37)
Mail to all USS Reedbird (MSC-51) James R. McHugh USS Reedbird (MSC-51) James M. Arnold EM2 USS Reedbird (MSC-51) Arthur G. Weeks Jr. USS Reedbird (MSC-51) Joe Johnson YN2 USS Reedbird (MSC-51)
Mail to all USS Rhea (MSC-52) Ed Traylor 1956 - 1957 USS Rhea (MSC-52) Walt Kreiling ET3 1955 - 1956 USS Rhea (MSC-52)
Ivor J. Steadman BMC RET. 1952 - 1957 USS Seagull (MSC-55)
Mail to all USS Blue Bird (MSC-121) Bob Welsch 1962 - 1964 USS Blue Bird (MSC-121) Fred Delfo USS Blue Bird (MSC-121) Ron Fieldhouse SO2 1957 - 1958 USS Blue Bird (MSC-121)
Mail to all USS Cormorant (MSC-122) Robert L. Schifferns USS Cormorant (MSC-122) Dale R. Sands CS3 1963 USS Cormorant (MSC-122) Dennis W. Nelson EM3 USS Cormorant (MSC-122) Geo. Gawlik RM 1966 - 1970 USS Cormorant (MSC-122) Rex Leonard RM3 1960 USS Cormorant (MSC-122) Joe Johnson YN2 USS Cormorant (MSC-122)
Mail to all USS Frigatebird (MSC-191) David Breed USS Frigatebird (MSC-191) Nathan Tart RM2 1965 - 1966 USS Frigatebird (MSC-191) Lowell V. (Bob) Steele RM USS Frigatebird (MSC-191)
Mail to all USS Hummingbird (MSC-192) Ormomd H. Huff USS Hummingbird (MSC-192) Frank Gamble LTjg USS Hummingbird (MSC-192) Lowell V. (Bob) Steele RM USS Hummingbird (MSC-192) Mike Sotak BM2 1967 USS Hummingbird (MSC-192)
Mail to all USS Jacana (MSC-193) Ray Johnston USS Jacana (MSC-193) Ray Mailhot USS Jacana (MSC-193) George R. Golodich USS Jacana (MSC-193) Whit Brown USS Jacana (MSC-193) Paul Rosa USS Jacana (MSC-193) Steve Smith USS Jacana (MSC-193) William J. (Bill) Coffey 1963 - 1965 USS Jacana (MSC-193) Len Kostley YN2 1955 - 1956 USS Jacana (MSC-193) Jim Gray 1966 - 1967 USS Jacana (MSC-193)
Mail to all USS Limpkin (MSC-195) Jim Lockhart USS Limpkin (MSC-195) George M. Shumaker Jr. RM1 1962-1966 USS Limpkin (MSC-195) Joseph F. Fournier RD2 1960-1962 USS Limpkin (MSC-195)
Allen C. Fertig RM 1964 USS Medowlark (MSC-196)
Mail to all USS Parrot (MSC-197) Pete Cullen USS Parrot (MSC-197) Ray Mailhot USS Parrot (MSC-197) William Jerry Coppage USS Parrot (MSC-197) Sandy Sanderford YN2 1964 - 1965 USS Parrot (MSC-197)
Mail to all USS Peacock (MSC-198) Barry Watt USS Peacock (MSC-198) James R. (Randy) Foster USS Peacock (MSC-198) Rupert Hand USS Peacock (MSC-198) Norval J. Conner USS Peacock (MSC-198) Don Dunagan USS Peacock (MSC-198) Bob Rhea 1969 - 1971 USS Peacock (MSC-198) Ron Baynton HM1 1962 - 1964 USS Peacock (MSC-198) Bob Fitzgerald 1957 - 1960 USS Peacock (MSC-198) Ron Melampy CO 1966 - 1968 USS Peacock (MSC-198) Morgan Ellsworth QM2 1967 - 1969 USS Peacock (MSC-198) John R. Kittle EN3 1959 - 1961 USS Peacock (MSC-198) Robert C. (Bob) Burch BM 1961 - 1963 USS Peacock (MSC-198)
Mail to all USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Harold Foster V USS Phoebe (MSC-199) George W. Roos USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Kenneth Couch USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Jim Brittan USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Jim Thynne USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Edward L. Casten USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Richard G. (Pete) Peterson USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Roger Cooper USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Perry Clifford EM2 1962 - 1964 USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Robert Duensing V USS Phoebe (MSC-199) Geo. Gawlik RM 1971 - 1973 USS Phoebe (MSC-199)
Mail to all USS Shrike (MSC-201) Robert "Pat" Foster 1964 - 1965 USS Shrike (MSC-201) Nathan Tart RM1 1967 - 1968 USS Shrike (MSC-201) Thomas Wowianko ET2 1962 - 1963 USS Shrike (MSC-201) Hilton L. Roberts RD 1962 - 1963 USS Shrike (MSC-201) Peter Geiger RD 1963 - 1965 USS Shrike (MSC-201)
Mail to all USS Spoonbill (MSC-202) Bill Doherty USS Spoonbill (MSC-202) Richard D. Clifton USS Spoonbill (MSC-202)
Mail to all USS Thrasher (MSC-203) Dan Harple USS Thrasher (MSC-203) Ron Massey 1971 - 1976 USS Thrasher (MSC-203)
Mail to all USS Vireo (MSC-205) Baker USS Vireo (MSC-205) Jeruel Hewitt EM1 1954 - 1955 USS Vireo (MSC-205) James Lipsey RD1 1968 - 1970 USS Vireo (MSC-205)
Mail to all USS Warbler (MSC-206) Harold Foster V USS Warbler (MSC-206) Charles F. Kowalsky USS Warbler (MSC-206) Edward Peed USS Warbler (MSC-206) Larry "Mac" McMaster EN2 1970 - 1975 USS Warbler (MSC-206) Paul Wamsley USS Warbler (MSC-206) Mike Goss LT USS Warbler (MSC-206) George W. Schlossnagle Lt(jg) 1970 - 1971 USS Warbler (MSC-206) Richard Tarbuck CO 1960 - 1962 USS Warbler (MSC-206) Jim "Andy" Anderson SO3 1955 USS Warbler (MSC-206) Don Applegate 1965 - 1966 USS Warbler (MSC-206)
Mail to all USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207) David S. Christian USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207) Ed Livingston QM2 1967 - 1969 USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207) Bob Rhea 1967 - 1969 USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207) Joe Sperske USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207) Larry Siegel EN1 1957 - 1959 USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207) Tom Hawkins ET2 1960 - 1962 USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207) John H. "Turk" Thacher, Jr. USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207) Weymouth Kirkland Ops Officer 1967 - 1968 USS Whippoorwill (MSC-207)
Mail to all USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Michael O'Kane USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Leroy Kenner USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Edward Peed USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Dennis Lymburner USS Widgeon (MSC-208) James H. Rice EN2 1965 - 1967 USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Arthur Ernest Hunt (Ernie) QM2 1962 - 1966 USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Robert Desanti 1966 - 1968 USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Ben Turnbull USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Ed Sinclair ETR3 1966 USS Widgeon (MSC-208) Joe Lee USS Widgeon (MSC-208)
Mail to all USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Don Cole USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Myron Berry USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Ted Eiland USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Leroy Kenner USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Joe Lee USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Victor Shannon USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) George Jensen USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Norman Craudell USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Jackson Dempsey USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Robert Freeman USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Dennis Grenfell USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Albert Harasty USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Roy Malone USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Stephen Paciorek USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) William Wylde USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Thomas Orme USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Craig McClure USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Fred Reeg USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Alfred Krochmal USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) John S. Brennan USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Robert W. Freeman USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) John East USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Gerald Clifford USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Loren Sinele USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) John Karnowski USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Victor Reiling USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Vernon L. Rosson USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Alan B. Homes USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Gary E Hiles USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) WilmaJean H. French ET1 1969 - 1973 USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Bill Petrie RM3 1969 - 1970 USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Robert Cetilli QM USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Joe Lee USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Ken Hoban RM 1967 - 1969 USS Woodpecker (MSC-209) Mike Cresswell ETR3 1973 - 1974 USS Woodpecker (MSC-209)
Mail to all USS Albatross (MSC-289) Robert E Koscianski USS Albatross (MSC-289) William T. Wilding USS Albatross (MSC-289) William R. Spohn FN 1960 - 1962 USS Albatross (MSC-289) Carl L Hynes USS Albatross (MSC-289) Ron Baynton HM1 1964 USS Albatross (MSC-289) Jim Dillon 1967 - 1969 USS Albatross (MSC-289) Edward F. Cole Jr. CO 1967 - 1969 USS Albatross (MSC-289) Gary M. Whitcutt BM3 1967 - 1969
Mail to all USS Gannet (MSC-290) Lloyd Carey ST2 1966 - 1968 USS Gannet (MSC-290) Bernie Lawson RD USS Gannet (MSC-290) Richard “Dick” Gorby SN 1963 - 1965 USS Gannet (MSC-290)
Richard G. (Pete) Peterson USS Condor (MSCO-5)
Richard G. (Pete) Peterson USS Curlew (MSCO-8)
James K. Roberts (Robby) RM1 1953 - 1957 USS Firecrest (MSCO-10)
Richard D. Clifton USS HAWK (MSCO-17)
Bill Seibert USS Fulmar (MSCO-47)
Ed Traylor 1956 - 1957 USS Rhea (MSCO-52)
Mail to all USS Ruff (MSCO-54) Jim Howell USS Ruff (MSCO-54) Robert S. (Bob) Fritzius ET(R)2 1960 - 1962 USS Ruff (MSCO-54) Dennis Burns USS Ruff (MSCO-54)
John J. Kennedy QMC (Ret.) USS Turkey (MSCO-56)
Mail to all USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) Richard Mellor ET3 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) Walt Jablonski RM2 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57), USS Broadbill (AM-58) Joseph Goldberg YN3 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) Maurice Grosso RD1 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) Jim Rockovich SK2 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) Jack Ravotti EN3 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) Tony Erff EN3 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) Ray Gallant RM3 1954 - 1957 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57) Frank Pace FN 1956 - 1957 USS Redpoll (MSCO-57)
Leroy Kenner USS Gladiator (MSF-319)
Rex Beavers USS Dextrous (MSF-341)
Mail to all USS Ptarmigan (MSF-376) Howard Carpenter USS Ptarmigan (MSF-376) Alferd Don Sparks USS Ptarmigan (MSF-376)
Hyrum W. Chapman USS Surfbird (MSF-383)
Mail to all USS Cove (MSI-1) Don Cole USS Cove (MSI-1) Bob Gensert USS Cove (MSI-1) J. C. Weber USS Cove (MSI-1) Larry Mortimer USS Cove (MSI-1) Douglas C. Walter EM3 1966 - 1968 USS Cove (MSI-1) Archie Bennett EMFN 1964 - 1966 USS Cove (MSI-1) Geo. Gawlik RM 1970 - 1971 USS Cove (MSI-1) John R. Jordan HM2 1967 - 1968 USS Cove (MSI-1)
Mail to all USS Cape (MSI-2) George Simpson USS Cape (MSI-2) Ted Eiland USS Cape (MSI-2) Bill Livingston USS Cape (MSI-2) Terry Lee Geiling USS Cape (MSI-2) Jeffery Roski USS Cape (MSI-2) Jerome Edward Benson USS Cape (MSI-2) James Matteson USS Cape (MSI-2) Robert D. Frey Captain USN (RET) USS Cape (MSI-2) Leroy Kenner USS Cape (MSI-2) George Oncea USS Cape (MSI-2) C. J. Harrod USS Cape (MSI-2) J. C. Weber USS Cape (MSI-2) Lon Cooke USS Cape (MSI-2) Lawrence Hope USS Cape (MSI-2) John H. Bartol USS Cape (MSI-2) Norman H. Leclaire USS Cape (MSI-2) Arleigh Kincaid USS Cape (MSI-2) Forrest E. Long, Jr USS Cape (MSI-2) Jack Pugh V USS Cape (MSI-2) Rick Christie Sr. EM3 1965 - 1966 USS Cape (MSI-2) Jim Great Elk Waters 1964 & 1965 USS Cape (MSI-2)
Gary Bowers USS Harry L Glucksman (MSS-1)
Raymond N. Lamb USS Planter (ACM-2)
Mail to all USS Pandemus (ARL-18) Fred Bergh USS Pandemus (ARL-18) George W. Dean RD1 USS Pandemus (ARL-18) Mike Davis IC3 1961 USS Pandemus (ARL-18) Gary L. Souders YN3 USS Pandemus (ARL-18)
Patrick Doyle USS Turkey MSCO-56
Lawrence J. Brunke EN 1951 - 1953 USS Merganser AMS-26
Jos Hermans J. E. Vanhaverbeke (M902)
Glyn Thomas H.M.S. Pincher (M294)
Jos Hermans M919
Jos Hermans M927
Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Abdiel M-39
Mail to all H.M.S. Alfriston (M1103) Jeff (Fred) Fox H.M.S. Alfriston (M1103) Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Alfriston (M1103)
Bill Cock H.M.S. Appleton (M1106)
Mail to all H.M.S. Beachampton (M1107) Ralph (Tim) Hoult H.M.S. Beachampton (M1107) Mike Butt H.M.S. Beachampton (M1107)
Rik Furnival H.M.S. Bickington (M1109)
Jack Hilton H.M.S. Edderton (M1111)
Mail to all H.M.S. Brereton (M1113) Graham Linton H.M.S. Brereton (M1113) Paul Rycroft H.M.S. Brereton (M1113)
Martin Slater H.M.S. Brinton (M1114)
Mail to all H.M.S. Bronington (M1115) Rik Furnival H.M.S. Bronington (M1115) Shiner Wright H.M.S. Bronington (M1115)
Pete Andrews (brum) H.M.S. Burnaston (M1116)
Mail to all H.M.S. Caunton (M1120) Don Devlin H.M.S. Caunton (M1120) Ralph (Tim) Hoult H.M.S. Caunton (M1120)
Peter Mclean H.M.S. Chilcompton (M1122)
Pete Barrie H.M.S. Clarbeston (M1123)
Fred Sampson H.M.S. Darlaston (M1127)
Brian Fellows H.M.S. Hickleton (M1131)
Mail to all H.M.S. Bossington (M1133) Don Devlin H.M.S. Bossington (M1133) Alistair (JC) Cameron H.M.S. Bossington (M1133)
Mail to all H.M.S. Glasserton (M1141) John (Herbie) Elliot H.M.S. Glasserton (M1141) Dennis Willoughby H.M.S. Glasserton (M1141)
Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Hodgeston
Mail to all H.M.S. Hubberston (M1147) Don Devlin H.M.S. Hubberston (M1147) Rik Furnival H.M.S. Hubberston (M1147) Tom Henderson H.M.S. Hubberston (M1147)
Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Humber
Mail to all H.M.S. Iveston (M1151) Bob James H.M.S. Iveston (M1151) Nick Youseman H.M.S. Iveston (M1151) Tony Peckham H.M.S. Iveston (M1151) Pete (Henry) Cooper H.M.S. Iveston (M1151)
Mail to all H.M.S. Kedleston (M1153) Jeff (Fred) Fox H.M.S. Kedleston (M1153) Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Kedleston (M1153) Steve Coutts 1975 - 1982 H.M.S. Kedleston (M1153)
Jeff (Fred) Fox H.M.S. Kellington (M1154)
Mail to all H.M.S. Kemerton (M1156) Steve (Basher) Bates H.M.S. Kemerton (M1156) Colin (Pancho) Brett H.M.S. Kemerton (M1156)
Mail to all H.M.S. Kirkliston (M1157) David Axford H.M.S. Kirkliston (M1157) Shiner Wright H.M.S. Kirkliston (M1157)
Mail to all H.M.S. Laleston (M1158) Ralph (Tim) Hoult H.M.S. Laleston (M1158) Colin (Pancho) Brett H.M.S. Laleston (M1158) Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Laleston (M1158) David (Jan) Burtenshaw H.M.S. Laleston (M1158)
Chris (Andy) Anderton H.M.S. Lanton (M1159)
Fred Sampson H.M.S. Leverton (M1161)
Bill (PADDY) Boyd H.M.S. Maxton (M1165)
Mail to all H.M.S. Nurton (M1166) Rik Furnival H.M.S. Nurton (M1166) Michael McShane H.M.S. Nurton (M1166)
Mail to all H.M.S. Pollington (M1173) Iain McRobbie H.M.S. Pollington (M1173) Paul Rycroft H.M.S. Pollington (M1173)
Dennis Cook H.M.S. Puncheston (M1174)
Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Ribble
Brian Fellows H.M.S. Rodington (M1177)
Mail to all H.M.S. Sheraton (M1181) Matt Bamford H.M.S. Sheraton (M1181) Don Devlin H.M.S. Sheraton (M1181) Ralph (Tim) Hoult H.M.S. Sheraton (M1181) Anthony Burrows H.M.S. Sheraton (M1181)
Mail to all H.M.S. Upton (M1187) Shiner Wright H.M.S. Upton (M1187) Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Upton (M1187)
Trevor Taylor RO1T H.M.S. Venturer
Mail to all H.M.S. Walkerton (M1188) Dave Walker H.M.S. Walkerton (M1188) Alistair (JC) Cameron H.M.S. Walkerton (M1188)
Mail to all H.M.S. Wolverton (M1193) Allan Robertson H.M.S. Wolverton (M1193) Brian (Chez) Chester H.M.S. Wolverton (M1193)
Dennis Willoughby H.M.S. Wotton (M1195) Bill Cock H.M.S. Wotton (M1195)
Shiner Wright H.M.S. Yarnton (M1196)
Terry Brown H.M.S. Ashton (M1198)
Mail to all H.M.S. Soberton (M1200) Matt Bamford H.M.S. Soberton (M1200) Pete Barrie H.M.S. Soberton (M1200) Nick Youseman H.M.S. Soberton (M1200)
Mail to all H.M.S. Dartington (M1203) Pete Barrie H.M.S. Dartington (M1203) Colin (Pancho) Brett H.M.S. Dartington (M1203)
Chris (Andy) Anderton H.M.S. Fiskerton (M1206)
Paul Rycroft H.M.S. Crofton (M1216)
Mail to all H.M.S. Wilton (M1316) Ian Munt H.M.S. Wilton (M1316) Glyn Cooper H.M.S. Wilton (M1316)
Henry Antoine Veurne (M935)
Bob Gould H.M.A.S. Curlew
Peter Engelen HNLMS Makkum (M857)

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