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Join the NMSOA

NMSOA Membership is open to all personnel who served on MSO's.  

Categories of Membership are as follow:

Association Dues

Regular & Associate Members
  1. Annual Dues = $20.00
  2. 3 years Dues = $50.00

Lifetime Memberships
    30 to 40 years $350.00
    40 to 50 years $325.00
    50 to 60 years $275.00
    60 to 70 years $225.00
    70 to 80 years $150.00
    81 and older $50.00
All Lifetime payments must be payed in full and by check or Money Order, NO partial payments will be accepted. Please memo check "Lifetime Membership" and include your birthdate. Any applicant whose 31st, 41st, 51st, 61st, 71st or 81st birthday will occur after the date of application and on or before December 31st of the current calendar year, shall pay only the fee that would be required on their next birthday.



If After you Submit your Membership application to the NMSOA
You wish to pay for your dues via PayPal, Please come back to this page and click on the red Paypal Link below.
Be sure to add the persons name whom filled out the application to join in your payment instructions


Make checks or money orders payable to: 


Please mail c/o :


Please Note: We cannot include you in the Association Database to receive Newsletters or other information mailed to members, OR on this web site until such time as the Treasurer has received your check, money order, or PayPal for payment of your initial Dues.

We Welcome all Ex MSO Sailors.

 Feel free to fill out the membership form below and send it in directly.  You can follow up by using PayPal or mailing-in your membership fees after you have submitted your form.

  You will get confirmation of membership upon receipt of your check, money order, or PayPal by the Association. We do not send out "bills" for the dues.

  Thank you, and WELCOME ABOARD!

For a printable version of this application to be used for Snail Mail, click here