Dedicated to the Officers and Crew of the USS FIRM MSO-444
"Welcome Home Shipmates. I hope you enjoy this trip through the Past"

Ship's Mission

FIRM's mission was to conduct minesweeping and minehunting operations. The agility of a minesweeper to clear the sea lanes is a very important one for the United States since the use of mines can tie-up both civilian and Navy ships until the channel can be swept. With ships like the FIRM performing their mission, the possibility that other ships will be sunk or damaged by mines is greatly lessened.

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          Builder                     J. M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corp., Tacoma, Wash. 
          Launched                    15 April 1953
          Commissioned                12 October 1954
          Homeport                    Long Beach, CA
          Ships Compliment            74 Enlisted, 6 Officers
          Length                      172 feet
          Max Beam Width              36 feet
          Displacement                620 tons
          Armament                    40mm Bow Gun and
                                      Two 50 Caliber Machine Guns
          Draft                       10 Ft 
          Speed                       12 Knots 
          Propulsion                  Four Packard ID1700 diesel engines
                                      4 cycle, 2280 Hp, 12 cylinder engines,
                                      1,140 Hp per shaft, 2 shafts, 
                                      with controllable pitch propellers.
          Cost to build               $3.5 million


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