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My Website The Chainlocker Is Dedicated to ALL MSO Sailors Especially it's original designer Richard "Rick" Szpyrka My Long time Dear Friend and MSO Brother, My Mentor and Website Partner as well as Richard (Dick) Lewis Webmaster/Owner of 102 MSO's Website. The Chainlocker Will remain the gateway to ALL information to the MSO Community as it was meant to be. WE the WEBMASTERS of all MSO Websites remain together in our efforts to bring to you the History of the MSO and the IRON MEN whom Sailed the WOODEN SHIPS. Over 50,000 of them strong. Within our websites listed below, you can enjoy the complete history of the MSO right from the comfort of your home. We hope you enjoy our hard and dedicated work keeping our websites here for you to enjoy and learn from. We have accomplished our goals Brothers, We have brought the memory of the Proud Wooden ships we loved to the general public thru venues such as this. We have put in many long, hard and dedicated hours compiling this information and placing it here, in one place where Anyone can come and learn about our MSO's. We dedicate this great accomplishment to the MSO Community. Our History for all to see.. We are Proud Members of The Brotherhood of Iron Men who Sailed on Wooden Ships.


1)If you are a former MSO Sailor, Remember, It is Ex-MSO Sailors Just Like YOU that added their memories, Photos and the like to help build all of what you see below. It is up to YOU to send to the various webmasters YOUR memories to add to their websites for future generations to see. Once we are gone, so is all of our history. Save it while you can. It is our Responsibility to save our knowledge to share with the future.

2) The USS Lucid Project, Is now under the care of the Stockton Historic Maritime Museum. It has undergone some awesome changes under new leadership, The kids at the school there as well as volunteers are doing a great job on her. If you are so inclined, Be sure to volunteer your services or donates some memorabilia or money their way. It is finally moving forward at a strong and productive pace. Due to the deaths of two key webmasters since 2008, We have lost a vast amount of MSO History. Both the Stockton Historic Maritime Musem and the NMSOA BOTH are in need once more of your stories, Memorabilia, Photos and written memories which were all lost. Be sure to send both organziations whatever you can. Take some time to recall and write it down, Send the history, SAVE the history. Once we are gone all of the history we lived is gone with us...Visit the USS Lucid on Facebook for more updates.Follow our link below to the museum.

Minecraft Organizations
The Navy MSO Association Inc.
Join The Navy MSO Association Inc.
Navy Minesweepers group on Facebook
Support Stockton Maritime Museum/USS LUCID MSO 458 Restoration
The Naval Mine Warfare Association
The Mine Warfare Association
K6MSO - The Navy MSO Amateur Radio Club
From the Files of a Minewarfare Historian-The Joe Schreiber Collection
United States Navy Together We Served - NTWS
The Vietnam Wall On Line
U.S. Veterans Compensation Programs


102 MSO's The most detailed MSO information available.

USS Ability MSO-519
USS Acme MSO-508
USS Adroit MSO-509
USS Advance MSO-510
USS Affray MSO-511
USS Agile MSO-421
USS Agressive MSO-422
USS Alacrity MSO-520
USS Assurance MSO-521
USS Avenge MSO-423
USS Bold MSO-424
USS Bulwark MSO-425
USS Conflict MSO-426
USS Conflict MSO-426 Ships History
USS Constant MSO-427
USS Conquest MSO-488>/a>
USS Dash MSO-428
USS Detector MSO-429
USS Direct MSO-430
USS Dominant MSO-431
USS Dynamic MSO-432
USS Embattle MSO-434
USS Engage MSO-433
USS Endurance MSO-435
USS Energy MSO-436
USS Energy MSO-436 Ship model by Ron Perkins
USS Enhance MSO-437
USS Esteem MSO-438
USS Excel MSO-439
USS Excel MSO-439
The last days of USS Excel MSO-439 and USS Constant MSO-427
USS Exploit MSO-440 site
USS Exultant MSO-441
USS Fearless MSO-442
USS Fidelity MSO-443
USS Firm MSO 444
USS Force MSO-445
USS Force MSO-445 Typhoon Emma 1956 Sasebo Japan by Clarence Baker
USS Fortify MSO-446
USS Gallant MSO-489
USS Guide MSO-447
USS Guide MSO-447 Another Site
USS Illusive MSO-448
USS Impervious MSO-449
USS Implicit MSO-455
USS Inflict MSO-456
USS Leader MSO-490
USS Loyalty MSO-457
USS Lucid MSO-458
USS Nimble MSO-459
USS Notable MSO-460
USS Observer MSO-461
USS Observer MSO-461 Operation Snowy Beach by Lt. Joe Davolio
USS Persistent MSO-491
USS Pledge MSO-492
USS Pinnacle MSO-462
USS Pivot MSO-463
USS Pluck MSO-464
USS Pluck MSO-464 - A Blog by Bob Aragon
USS Prestige MSO-465
USS Prime MSO-466
USS Reaper MSO-467
USS Rival MSO-468
USS Sagacity MSO-469
USS Salute MSO-470
USS Skill MSO-471
USS Stalwart MSO-493
USS Sturdy MSO-494
USS Swerve MSO-495
Another USS Swerve MSO-495
USS Valor MSO-472
USS Venture MSO-496
Another USS Venture MSO-496
USS Vigor MSO-473
USS Vital MSO-474

Minecraft information links
A Walk thru scrapped MSO's
MSO Ships Call Signs.
MSO Radio Shack
MSO Engineering Manual
Interesting MSO Facts
TAPS Minecraft Sailors that have passed away.
Development in Wooden Minesweeper Hull Design Since World War II
MSO Casualties
U.S. Navy Ship Awards and Commendations
Desert Shield/Desert Storm - Mine warfare
Book of General plans (blueprints) of the USS Esteem MSO-438
A walk through an MSO
Mine Neutralization
The Floating Drydock Ship Plans for interior sections of the ship.
Taubman Ship Plans for exterior of ship
Royal Australian Navy Service
Lebanon Crisis
Naval Quarantine of Cuba
Operation Market Time
Operation End Sweep
Operation Earnest Will
MSO's in private hands
Piggy back Minesweepers
Scrapped MSO's
Mothballed MSO's

Mine Squadron/Division Web Sites

All other Minecraft Web Sites
USS Defender MCM-2
USS Patriot MCM-7
USS Chief MCM-14
USS Catskill MCS-1
USS Inchon MCS-12
USS Osprey MHC-51
USS Heron MHC-52
USS Pelican MHC-53
USS Robin MHC-54
USS Oriole MHC-55
USS Blue Bird MSC-121
USS Cormorant MSC-122
USS Falcon MSC-190
USS Frigate Bird MSC-191
USS Hummingbird MSC-192
USS Jacana MSC-193
USS Kingbird MSC-194
USS Limpkin MSC-195
USS Meadowlark MSC-196
USS Peacock MSC-198
USS Phoebe MSC-199
USS Shrike MSC-201
USS Thrasher MSC-203
USS Thrush MSC-204
USS Vireo MSC-205
USS Whippoorwill MSC-207
USS Widgeon MSC-208
USS Woodpecker MSC-209
USS Albatross MSC-289
USS Gannet MSC-290
USS Cove MSI-1
USS Washtenaw County, LST-1166/MSS-2
USS Skill AM-115
USS Salute AM-294
Another USS Defense AM-317 Site
USS Devastator AM-318
USS Surfbird AM_MSF_ADG 383
USS Medrick (PCS-1464/AMc-203) Ship's Log. By John H. Burns, Medrick crew member
USS Terror CM-5


Royal Navy Ton Class Association
H.M.S. Aldington
H.M.S. Maxton M1165
Oostende Home of the MSO's
Last Photos of Belgian MSO's 2007
Rick Christie's Reunion Photos from 2003
MSO's of Japan

Ratings Related Associations
Facebook Group U.S.Navy Radioman
Navy Boatswains Org
National Sonar Association
American Association of Navy Hospital Corpsmen
Navy Corpsman
Navy ElectronicsTechnician
For Chief's, The Goat Locker
The Navy Mustang Association
The Royal Navy Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officers Association

MSO Articles and Commentaries
Minehunters adopt names in honor of the old class of ocean minesweepers.
Prepare to Sweep Mines by Commander Murland W. Searight, US Navy.
Article from The Baltimore Sun Sparrows Point yard gets Navy ship-scrapping job.

Movies that have had Minesweepers in them
The Caine Mutiny Starring the USS Doyle DMS-34 and USS Surfbird AM-383.
Easy Come, Easy Go Starring the USS Gallant MSO-489.
Which Way to the Front Starring MineDiv 91, pier 9, Long Beach Ca.
The Thin Red Line Starring the HMAS Curlew M1121.
Paradise Road Starring the HMAS Curlew M1121.
Operation Petticoat Starring the USS Inflict MSO-456.
The Longest Day Starring MineDiv-83, USS Agile MSO-421, USS Aggressive MSO-422, USS Bold MSO-424, and USS Bulwark MSO-425. Filmed at Vieques, Puerto Rico.
Midway Starring USS Constant MSO-427.
Gilligans Island "Forget me not" season 1, episode 30, Starring the USS Loyalty MSO-457 and other MSO's.
Hitman's Run Starring the USS Tanager AM-385.
All Hands on Deck Starring Pier 9 and it's MSO's in a short background shot.

Books of Interest.
"Wooden Ships..Iron Men" By Commander David D. Bruhn - The U.S. Navy's Coastal and Inshore Minesweepers, and the Minecraft That Served in Vietnam, 1953-1976
Proud Waters By Ewart Brookes - Minesweeper Novel 1954
Naval Minewarfare: Where the Fleet goes, We've been
Naval Minewarfare Markets (Jane's Special Reports)
Minehunters Patrol Boats and Logistics
Operation End Sweep : A History of Minesweeping Operations in North Vietnam by Edward J. Marolda
Out sweeps! : The story of the minesweepers in World War II
The Caine Mutiny : A Novel of World War... Served on the USS Zane DMS-14 and USS Southard DMS-10.
Steaming As Before : Wartime Minesweeping, Etc. about the WW2 YMS-353
In Danger's Hour, by DOUGLAS REEMAN. WWII Tiny 230-ft minesweeper Rob Roy fights E-boats, subs and planes to clear sea lanes for convoys. Then it's off to the Med to clear the way for Italian invasion.
Allied minesweeping in World War 2 by Peter Elliott
A Passage to Sword Beach : Minesweeping in the Royal Navy by Brendan A. Maher
Damn the Torpedoes by Tamara Moser Melia
Weapons That Wait - Mine Warfare in the U.S. Navy by Gregory K. Hartmann
Apollo Rises,Bonifico Strait,Chief Page,Neo Makri, Apollo Rises: Evolution of a Patriot Novels by-Ex US NAVY Radioman Michael R. Ellis
Minesweeper Poems and stuff.
In Memory of Five Fallen Shipmates on the USS Exultant MSO-441 by Wayne M. Davis
The Birth of the MSO
An Old Sailor by Mary Applegate
> In Memory of ENCS Ronie Mooney - USS Observer MSO-461

Locating Ship Information, Unit Awards and Citations, etc.
An email address locator service for ALL US Navy personnel, active, reserve, retired, separated, midshipmen, etc...
Deck Log - A Place for Naval Veterans to Reunite.

Just Interesting Stuff
Navy Chief Petty Officer heritage
Naval Terminology, Jargon and Slang Part 1 - A through M
Naval Terminology, Jargon and Slang Part 2 - N through Z

Approximately 19 million gallons of Agent Orange sprayed in Vietnam between 1963 and 1970. Where do you suppose it went?

This is the forum for the Blue Water Navy site which assists vets with agent orange problems.

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